Five Wardrobe Essentials

Picture this. You’re sitting on the couch wondering what you’re going to do for the evening. Just then…*buzz buzz*… you look down at the couch where your phone is sitting and it’s lit up. There’s a text from your friend, Jacques, and he wants to grab dinner. You respond, I’m down! Where and what time?!” While you wait for his response, you begin thinking, Crapppp, when was the last time I washed my hair? I think I can get away with—I’ll just use a bunch of dry shampoo, it will be fine., You say to reassure yourself, while making a mad dash to your closet to find what to wear. You look at a myriad of things while trying to decide… but then you remember this blog post and remembering how I believe that there are five wardrobe essentials that every woman needs. These five things are: a good t-shirt, favorite pair of denim, black dress, comfortable/fashionable sneakers, and fashion piece like kimono or cardigan.

These will never go out of style. You can tuck a t-shirt in, leave it out, front knot it, front tuck it or layer it with an infinite number of looks. Nothing feels as good as a crisp, clean, or new t-shirt and it looks excellent with most things. You can dress it up or down depending on jewelry or what it’s paired with.

Favorite Pair of Denim.
There is nothing like putting on a pair of jeans that accentuate your curves and body type and make you feel good, can I get an amen? When you feel confident in your jeans, everyone knows! You can also dress these up or down based on the color of your denim, whether you pair it with heels or sneakers, or even a fun belt.

Black Dress.
Every woman needs a black dress. Something that looks and feels effortless, but is beautiful enough to go out on the town with, or with minimal fuss to wear to get a pedicure in. A black dress is classic and can be paired with cute sandals, heels, or even the right fashion sneakers, which is a good segway into my next essential:

Comfortable / Fashionable Sneakers.
I have these black Steven (Madden) sneakers with cutouts on the side and I actually LIVE in them! They pair nice with almost every pair of pants that I own. They’re fashionable with their black suede looking top and white not too chunky soles. I can wear them with blue or black denim, and black slacks and they don’t look too casual.

Fashion Piece: Kimono / Cardigan
I think that everyone needs a ‘fashion’ or ‘push’ piece like that of a kimono or cardigan—something with a little pizzazz that can layer over the top of your plain tee and dress up any outfit that you choose to layer it with.

I tend to not deviate much from what I already know. Some may call that safe, but I’m prepared, in an ideal clothes world, to always have these five wardrobe essentials ready at a moments notice. In my opinion, if you have these five things, you’ll be ready for any occasion. 

Flat lay items in picture are linked below: 



Black Dress


Fashion Piece



I totally agree with the 5 wardrobe essentials.

Wanda March 15, 2019

I have to say my go to’s are my favorite pair of jeans, my t-shirt, and my favorite sneakers! I couldn’t survive without my favorite pair of jeans.

Jami Randol March 13, 2019

Yes, yes to this!

Denise March 13, 2019

Yes, yes to this!

Denise March 13, 2019

Yes, yes to this!

Denise March 13, 2019

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