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It’s 2019, but shopping for clothes online can still be daunting, we totally get that; but here’s a few tips and tricks to help you become more fluent while you’re browsing with Royal and Reese. Let us take the guesswork out of it for you…while also creating a fun, creative space to cry, laugh, and love one another—the way it was meant to be.

We get asked a lot, Why aren’t you a brick and mortar?, and while we love to open the R+R doors a few times a year, it just doesn’t make sense for us to be physical location. We give you all the tools you need to shop online. And, although it’s ULTRA SPECIAL for us to see your beautiful faces when we do get to open those RR doors, we want to foster and grow our relationships with you, both on and off screen. Mainly, we want to give you the convenience of shopping for adorable clothes, while you’re sitting on the couch. (I mean, every time I get into a dressing room, I want to get out, because the lighting is so terrible haha.) We also want to reach as many women as we can, and we can do that while we get to know you behind comments and pictures.

What things do you need to know about our website? There is so much detail that goes into every article of clothing and every accessory. From tags, descriptions, fits, size charts, stock photos, images, meta tags, colors, and model sizes, we make sure that you have an accurate indication of exactly what you’ll be receiving, come delivery day. Did you know that on every product listing, we represent each size: small, medium, and large and every color? We also have a curve model that comes in once a week to model our curve products. And, while we love to give you the stark stock images, we also love to show you wonderful ways to style it—so we also photo it on our sales team, before each listing goes live.

The night before launching new product, we schedule a fit video to show you how things lay on the body and how they move. The morning of launch, we also do a countdown, where one of our sales team shows the stretch and feel, again, of each product. (not even mentioning the mini videos we post each day). Then, while you’re in each listing, there are dropdown boxes that have fit information. Our photo coordinator works closely with our models to understand the sizing and fit of each piece. She makes sure everything is noted within the “Fit” box, to give you a good understanding of how things will work with your body type. Our web and design girls also take the time to measure each pair of pants to create precise measurements of size, waist, and inseam.

So, while shopping online may seem stressful, we have—in my opinion, one of the most descriptive companies out there from our website to our online videos! If you’ve done your homework and are still unsure, chances are that our VIP Group can give you a little insight! Take a poll and see how people feel about a certain piece, stretch, or material. Next time, while you’re shopping, take a look around at the different tabs within each product so you can see all that we have to offer, pertaining to each article of clothing. We’re pretty proud of it! 

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I love shopping your website! There are always pictures of every color and size variation, so you don’t have to just imagine what things look like. In addition, the nightly sneak peek videos and morning release videos are really helpful in showing how clothes lay and move with your body. We can also ask questions about pieces, which the girls are always willing to answer and model the piece in question.

Michelle Oldfield March 12, 2019

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