Five Ways to Style A Button-Down

Who's with me here? Do you ever just see a shirt online or in the store and love it? I’m talking, it is your color. You get it, try it on and the fit couldn’t be more perfect on you. You feel radiant in it! You begin looking in your closet… You don’t now how or where to style it, what pants to wear with it or what shoes?

Well, we’ve got you covered because we’ve come up with five ways to style a button down. All of these are super transitional and fun in their own right, but we wanted to give you some ideas that, perhaps, you may not have thought of, yet. So follow these five styles below:

1. Black Jeans & denim Jacket— this is a casual look. It’s sleek but still casual for everyday running errands or even dinner our with friends.

2. layered under plaid blazer and mom jeans. We’re channeling our inner 90’s and Friends vibes with this outfit. We’re a sucker for those mom jeans and how cool is it that you can wear layers and not feel like everything is tight and constricting?

3. Pairing this with a pair of shorts/skirt and worn open with a cami or graphic tee underneath. This gives it a little more causal feel, but still adorable nonetheless.

4. Pencil skirt/ dress and button down tied up under bust. This isn’t your grandma’s button-down. This is one that is really cute but will flatter your shape immensely.

5. Our final suggestion is with a leather jacket and black denim. What is it about all black that makes everything more mysterious and super edgy? We’re not sure, but this outfit is amazing! 

There you have it! Five ways to style a button-down and pictures to help. If you have any other fun ways, drop in the comments below. Happy buttoning!

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