How To Have A Successful Morning

Out of all my friends, I’m the morning person of the group. In fact, I’ve always been that way. It’s rare that I sleep in past 7a. I think over the years my #anxiety has just helped me become more active in the morning haha. Nonetheless, I really love mornings that start out early because I can accomplish so much! If you’d like to also try and have a more productive morning, follow my tips below.

Bedtime: Honestly, my morning depends on how rested I feel. For instance, if I'm up late watching movies, cruising social media or just up late talking, I don't want to get up early. But, I give myself a time limit and really try and stick with it. When I go to bed, I put my phone on the charger and don’t pick it up again until I’m up, in the morning; otherwise, it's too much stimulation and then I'm awake in the middle of the night. 

Alarm: Lowkey, I LOATHE alarms, but alas, my significant other needs one to wake up. His alarm is set for 5:30a each morning so I get to hear his alarm two to three times until 6a. Once he gets out of bed, I begin my day, quietly. I start by schedule the days’ New Arrivals. Once that’s done, I’ll see what I missed as far as texts, emails, social media, etc. I know there’s a lot of people that say not to do this until you have gotten up for the day, but it helps me slowly get out of bed. I also set a time limit for myself. If I get on my phone, I’ll make sure I’m out of bed by 6:45a. That way I can get dressed and ready.

Working Out: I’ve learned about myself just in the last year that if I get up and set my intentions towards working out in the morning, I’ll have a higher success rate than if I push working out, until the end of the day. Based on how I feel, I set my workout anywhere from 15-30 mins. Anything really, to get my body moving in the morning is good with me!

Water Intake: When I’m working out, I usually drink 32 oz of water, so by the time I’m done, I have some of my daily water intake done, which is always a relief.

Get ready: Right after I’m done working out, I promptly walk myself up the stairs and hop in the shower. If I need to blow dry my hair, I do so right afterward, otherwise, I’ll let it air dry. Then, I put on some soft clothes and head downstairs for breakfast.

Breakfast: I start by making some coffee and maybe a couple of eggs, depending on my mood. Some days, I’ll want to order a coffee from Starbucks or a local coffee place, so sometimes I’ll do that. I’ll sit down on the couch for about 15 mins which is usually all I have time for, enough to drink a great cup of coffee and then I head to my office to begin my day.

I know it seems like I’ve done all the things but really, most mornings I’m sitting at my desk at 8a ready to start my day! Waking up early helps keep me motivated to push through the day and by the time I get done with work, I feel incredibly accomplished with my day thus far. Then, I have the entire evening to do what I want! What do you struggle with in the morning!?

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Love this so much!!! It’s so great to have morning motivation!

Sara June 02, 2021

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