Tik Tok Ramen

Hear me out... I know that we just featured Whitney's ramen on here, recently, but when I went to make it the other day, I didn't have all the ingredients for her recipe, so I googled how to make the Tik Tok Ramen. Guys, FANTASTICO, check this out.  

It's been literal years since I’ve had the, .16 cent Ramen from the store. Being a big ramen fan myself, I really love any and all kinds. The other day, I wandered out to the kitchen with no idea what I’d have for lunch. Normally I have some kind of idea, but this day, nothing nada, zilch. I looked down at the ramen noodle cups my guy takes to work and thought, hmm, maybe I should try the recipe everyone on Tik Tok raves about. So I set to work.

I fired up my electric water heating kettle and within 3 minutes, I had boiling water to pour over my noodles in a bowl. After four minutes of letting them set, I strained them. Meanwhile, I sauteed my garlic and red pepper flakes in butter. Once that garlice was golden, I added my soy sauce and brown sugar. Next, I tossed my drained ramen noodles in with the soy sauce mixture and began to stir. Lastly, I pushed the ramen mixture to one side and poured a lightly beaten egg in the other side of the pan. Once it was halfway scrambled, I moved it around and added it to the noodles. Then, I plated my noodles and sprinkled them with Everything But the Bagel and topped with green onions.

Guys, not only did this take under 10 mins, it was minimal work and it was so yummy! It's such a quick fix, too. Give it a whirl and you’ll be happy you did!

Tik Tok Ramen

-1 package of Ramen
-1 tbsp of butter
-1 tsp of garlic
-1/4 tsp of red pepper flakes
-1 tbsp of soy sauce
-1 tsp of brown sugar
-1 egg, lightly scrambled
- Everything But the Bagel seasoning to taste
-green onions to taste

Boil noodles such as the package suggests, drain and put aside. Melt butter in saucepan and saute garlic and red pepper flakes. Once golden and fragrant, add your soy sauce and brown sugar to mixture. Then, add drained noodles. Once combined, lightly scramble one egg and add to one side of pan, pushing noodles to the other side. Once egg is almost cooked, add to noodle mixture. After combined, plate and sprinkle with Everything But the Bagel seasoning to taste. 


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