Loving Our Ladies

Growing up, I never understood the importance of close gal pals. Honestly, I just never got it because I was a tomboy. I loved 4H, four wheelers, outdoor adventures, and anything car related. (I had an older brother). The girls my age loved makeup, clothes, and talking about crushes on boys in our grade. I was always shy, so those weren’t my favorite things to do or talk about. But, as I continue to get older, I look around and see very few of the fun loving, adventure seeking gents that I used to know and love. In fact, most of my friends today, are ladies and it’s only in the past few years that I’ve realized how darn important they are to me.

I’m an ‘all in’ or ‘all out’ friend. If I love you, I invest in you, I’m ‘all in’ and I expect you to be the same. That doesn’t mean we have to talk daily, weekly or even monthly; but it does mean that you should be investing back into my life like I have, yours. Some of my very best friends are just busy with life and we don’t talk on a regular basis, but whatever the case may be, when they call, they’re invested and it shows.

I’m ‘all out’ after I’ve given several chances. If you constantly bail on me. If you let excuses fill the silence where our friendship used to be. If talking to you is difficult in itself. When that’s the case, it’s time for us to part ways. People come in and out of our lives for a reason. Sometimes, it’s to weather us through a season, to show us what we need or don’t, but if the friendship ends and we part ways—there’s always a good reason why and it’s probably because you don’t need them anymore.

Finding your core group of ladies is key to successfully navigating through this sometimes difficult journey we call life. We ladies know about hormones, feelings, love, broken hearts….we know all the things! And if you’re lucky like me, you get to WORK with and do LIFE with your most important bests. The beautiful ladies that have helped me with decisions, prayed with me and for me, championed me when I’ve been at my very lowest—are THOSE LADIES—they’re the ‘all in’ kind, and I couldn’t ask for a better circle. They’ve seen me at my worst. They’ve seen me at my best. They’ve cried with me, laughed with me. They’ve supported me even when they’ve known the outcome wouldn’t be the best and they’re still here. Get you some ladies in your life like mine, it’s a sweet, sweet place to be.

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Such a great read! The greatest thing about it is that it is so true and beautifully written😍 Thanks so much for reminding me how necessary and life giving these friendships are❤️

Marie Curenton June 28, 2019

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