Misconceptions of Working From Home

“So, you get to do whatever you want during the day?”

The above question is one of the most common misconceptions I get about working from home. Many people think that I get to work whenever I want, do whatever I want, when I want. And, while the flexibility of maybe cooking lunch or throwing in a load of laundry is true, working from home can be more difficult than working in an office and here’s why.

Most employees start their day when they get to their desk. Maybe they’ve grabbed their office coffee and they check emails right away, but my day basically begins when I walk down my stairs each morning. I make a big breakfast around 7a and usually begin my day around 7:30a or 8a, depending on what day of the week it is; Mondays and Fridays being my most busy. Why do I begin my day this early? Well, because I want to get a jumpstart on my day. I want to get new arrivals scheduled, sold outs hidden, and pictures done from the day before. I want to be available for markdowns, pre-adding any inventory, any sales we decide to have last minute, and just be as prepped as I can, so I’m always able to help out, in other areas.

“So, you get to take breaks all the time, right?” False. One thing about working from home is that I just keep working. I don’t stop to talk to others, I never leave my house for lunch. I don’t get up and stretch and walk around unless I have to use the restroom. The only time I leave my house is to workout and from start to finish (including drive time), that’s 45 minutes to an hour and it’s much needed for my own sanity and mental health. It’s one of my very favorite parts of the day, but when I come back from working out, I make up for it by staying late.

“So, you can just be done working whenever you want?” False. Each day I usually work more hours than someone at a traditional office setting, because there’s not a definitive line of start to finish in my day. Most notice the time, and clock out at 5:00pm, but not me. If there’s more work to be done, I’ll do it and won’t quit until the evening, unless I have something planned.

“So, you get to wear pajamas and don’t have to put on makeup? TRUE. Perhaps the best perk of it all, I wake up each morning, without an alarm clock. I get in the shower and afterwards throw on, not pajamas, but athleisure in order to get me mentally prepared for working out later that day. I don’t have to put on a stitch of makeup on, unless I need to be presentable on a video. I don’t have to style my hair, I can apply dry shampoo and go.

I’ve worked from home, almost my entire professional career and I’m not sure I could ever go back to a traditional office setting. That, and I really LOVE my job. I don’t tell you that I work long hours for an award or recognition, I choose to work extra to help our ever growing company the best way I know how. But what’s even awesome is that I’m not the only one like this at Royal and Reese. In fact, most of the girls that work at the office will often log extra hours at night and weekends to work. I’ve never met a more driven bunch in all my life and it’s because we get to serve, champion, and walk aside a community of women like you all. It completely makes it all worth while. 

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