Most Inspiring Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow


Getting in shape can be hard. We all want to be toned and fit but getting to the gym takes motivation. Usually just lying in bed watching some Netflix and eating junk food sounds a lot more appealing. One of my favorite ways to stay motivated to get fit is to go on Instagram and look at fitness accounts. These accounts help me come up with ideas of workouts I can do either at home or at the gym! Not to mention looking at all the super active fitness Instagrammers makes me feel lazy and guilty that I haven’t been working out more.

1. Kayla Itsines

2. Sonia Tlev

3. Basebodybabes

4. Jeanette Jenkins

5. Kettlebellkickboxing

6. Cassey Ho

7. Tone It Up

8. Lyzabeth Lopez

9. Sarah Stage

10. Sia Cooper

Motivation is key to getting to the gym. Whenever you don't feel like getting out of bes, just take a look at these accounts to get you moving. Once you're active and finished with your workout, I promise you won't regret it and it'll make you feel awesome! Working out can have such a positive impact on your day so get moving!

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