My Experience with the Bone Broth Diet

When I had heard that Tara, Royal + Reese's C.E.O., was doing the Bone Broth Diet, I had many questions, because I had never heard of it before. It piqued my interest when she began telling me a few things about it, so I decided to send her some questions to further my knowledge and then to share with all of you. Look below to read how Tara's experience went and learn more about the Bone Broth Diet.

"When you hear bone broth diet, you think gross what’s that?!  Do you just drink only broth?? Who wouldn’t lose weight if all you did was do that!  When my mom first told me about the diet, I was skeptical but as I read more about it, it made a lot of sense and was actually pretty easy to follow, so for those wanting to know more, here’s a little Q&A we put together."

What is the bone broth diet?
The Bone Broth Diet I followed was a book written by Kellyann Pertucci.  The basic concept is that two days a week you fast and drink nothing but bone broth.  You can have 5 cups of broth throughout the day and one small meal at 7pm, OR you can do just 6 cups of bone broth. The other five days you eat basically Paleo so you’re cutting out breads and sugars mainly.

Out of all the diets out there, what made you choose this one?
They said out of all of their clinical trials, most people lost 15-20 pounds in the 21 days.  When my mom introduced me to it, she was 7 days in and down 7 pounds so I was intrigued.

On a scale of 1-10, how difficult was it to stick with broth?
Honestly, the broth is so filling that you don’t feel hungry on those days.  I actually struggled to drink all of my cups because I would be full. I felt like it was relatively easy to follow.  It could get boring however, so it’s good to try and mix up your snacks and dinner options or you’ll get real sick of boiled chicken and broccoli quickly. I also liked that it wasn’t restrictive on what fruits you could have.  A lot of diets won’t let you eat fruit and when you love sugar, fruit is a nice alternative to curb your sweet tooth.

Did you often find yourself hungry because you were consuming so many liquids and not as much substance?
Since you’re eating “normal” 5 days a week and only doing liquid 2 days a week, I didn’t find myself getting hungry ever.  I mainly just missed having sugar but that wanes after the first couple days.

Broth is usually high in sodium. Did you have to watch your intake at all with this?
This diet did not seem to focus or worry about how much salt you were consuming which was nice to have one less thing to worry about with a diet.

Would you make your own broth or get it from a store or restaurant?
I initially bought store bought broth but it was terrible and didn’t have any flavor so we started getting it from Core Life Eatery here in town.  You can make your own but I was told it will make my house smell like meat carcus so I decided to carry in instead. Core Life has beef and chicken and it was very easy to eat.

Did you see results from the broth diet?
What made this diet easy to stick to is because I saw such rapid results.  I was tracking about a pound a day for the first two weeks. It made it easy to stick with when the scale kept dropping pounds so quickly.

What was the biggest result you saw?
I felt like it was definitely burning fat because it made my whole body look like it was shrinking.  Like I was seeing results everywhere not just in certain places.

What was the biggest drawback to this?
Due to the lack of variety, eating out could be a little difficult.  You’d have to be very selective where you’d eat to stay with it. I found that we could fudge a little and still be successful which was nice to know as well. That one little messup wouldn’t derail you.

Would you do this diet again?
I would definitely do the diet again.  It’s definitely a mind set shift to get on it and stay on it and you have to be ready to meal plan or at least know what you’re going to do for lunch and not be unprepared, but overall I felt like it was a successful diet for me and one that I would definitely do over again.

Lastly, did you stick with one flavor of broth? If so, what was it? 
I always did chicken but Brian really liked the beef.  I felt like the beef was too spicy but you could easily go back and forth to switch it up a little bit.

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