My Favorite Healthy Snacks

I often get asked what my favorite snack foods are so I thought it'd be fun to list my favorite ones for you guys! 

1. Choc Zero chocolate bark is something I eat literally daily! It isn't chalky or bitter like most sugar free chocolate is, and is made with stevia and other great ingredients!

2. Choc Zero dark chocolate peanut butter cups! These are a new find for me and they are magnificent! 

3. Smart sweets! My favorites are the swedish fish, gummy bears, watermelon slices, and sour patch kids. These are a GREAT alternative to candy and make being on a sugar free diet SO much easier.

4. Everything but the bagel cashews! One of our customers told me about these and I've been obsessed ever since! 

5. Siete chips! These are made with cassava flour so they don't upset my stomach like corn tortilla chips do! They're a must!

6. Macadamia nuts! I love these not only because they're delicious, but they have a high fat content so it keeps me full for a long time!

7. And my holy grail of snacks: Natural Jif to-go cups! There are a lot of days that I forget to bring a lunch and I'll just eat two of these instead. It's quick, keeps me full, and it's delicious.

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