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With a huge Royal + Reese Makeup Promo coming tomorrow, I figured it would be time to talk about my experience with Senegence. In addition, I wanted to talk to Whitney—one of the sisters behind Royal and Reese, who is a makeup connoisseur and extraordinaire on makeup to get the skinny on what I absolutely need from this new line. 

Now, ladies… I’m a STICKLER about mascara. Honestly, it has been the only thing I really even care to wear on a daily basis, aside from moisturizer. In my entire adult life, I have religiously used two mascaras: one drugstore brand, Voluminous Mascara and one bougie brand, Better Than Sex. Because I always want to support our brand, I decided I needed to order some products from to see what all the fuss was about. While I admit, when it came time to put in an order for Senegence 3-In-1 Maximizing Lash Primer and Volume Intense Mascara, I didn’t think it would cut it. I didn’t think it would live up to the two brands that I’ve used religiously in the last several years AND swore by. But, I was dead wrong. 

When I received my Senegence primer and mascara, the first thing I did was a clunky (and I mean, awkward) Facebook Live—giving my honest first impressions. No joke, I really did love it right out of the packaging. However, I wanted to take more time to work on my lashes in the mirror. *Cue leaning forward on sink towards mirror, mouth open, not breathing while applying* After two weeks, I was SHOOK. I could not believe how amazing my lashes looked and I got compliments everywhere I went, asking if I had extensions, asking what brand of mascara I was using. So, everyone needs to RUN and get Senegence 3-In-1 Lash Primer and Volume Intense Mascara!

Because I’ve only just dipped my toe into the Senegence pool, I wanted to catch up with Whitney—to see what products I HAD to have and what were her favorites. Take a peak below to see what she said.

Q.What is your favorite product and why?
Whit: I LOVE the Senegence mascara because it grows my lashes to make them strong and healthy while I wear it- so it gives me the look of false lashes or extensions without the money or upkeep.

(Okay, so as you can see, Whit also loves the mascara and primer just as much as I!   Here you have it, folks!)

Q. Besides Senegence mascara and primer, what is one more thing you HAVE to have, when you first begin dipping your toe into the Senegence pool?
Whit: I had to try the skincare. I have SUPER sensitive skin and wasn’t able to lather my face in skincare products because they all broke me out. And I’m a millennial and we love our masks and serums 😂. This was the FIRST skincare line that my face literally soaked right up and was beaming by morning. My pores are smaller, my face is luminous, and pushy and I’m obsessed with the fact that everything works like they said it would!

Q. So, as a connoisseur of makeup, would you say that Senegence products are worth every penny? I mean, you’re a touch critic—because you’re great at knowing amazing products.
Whit: I 100% think it’s worth it- not only do you get a lot of product for your money, but the products have the skincare in them - so it’s leaving your face better than when it found it. 

Tune into Royal + Reese tomorrow for our huge makeup promo and see what fun things we have in store! And ps. give Senegence a whirl. You've heard from both Kait and Whitney about how they are loving the brand and that speaks for itself. Happy Shopping! 

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