Summer Tips & Tricks

Even though we’re finishing the very last days out in the month of July, it feels like March Day 473. This spring and summer have completely  c r a w l e d  by and it feels as if every time we turn around, we’re worried about one.more.thing that could possibly go wrong. But, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you beat the heat this summer! Check out these simple life hacks that will make so much sense, this season, to help keep you cool like a cucumber. 

1) Deodorant -  On the fourth of July, my boyfriend and I decided to walk the four blocks it took, to get to our first cookout of the day. It was incredibly hot and humid at 96˚, and by the time I got to my best’s house, the shorts I was wearing had rubbed my inner thighs raw. My best had told me to put deodorant on my inner thighs and I wouldn’t have a problem. So, I did and to my amazement, this helped the entire day! Total game-changer. It gave my thunder thighs the ability to glide back and forth without creating a rash or an irritation. Also, hello, this doubles to save the day when you’re not feeling very ‘fresh’.

2) Insulated Tumbler for a drink- I have a few double insulated tumblers that I swear by and I always keep them packed with ice and water, for when I leave the house. And, ps. you don’t need an expensive brand. Head to Target or Walmart and you’ll find the same thing there, at ½ of the price of one of the main labeled brands.

3) Flip Flops - I cannot stress this enough. Often times, when I’m looking in the mirror before I leave the house, I’m standing in shoes that aren’t super practical …and while I think they’re going to be okay as I’m traipsing around the house, I usually want to rip them off, within five minutes of being gone. I always pack flip flops or cute flat sandals with me, just in case I need to swap them out.

4) Wearing a dress - Need a pedicure? If you’re like me, you always forget and wear leggings to a pedicure. It’s not until you go to step in that tub, that you remember, Shoot…and you try and pull up your very tight, skinny legged pants to your knees (often bringing them just past the shins). To this I say, wear a dress or longer skirt and you’ll have the best pedicure because you’ll finally be dressed for it.

5) Bug Spray - I get mosquito bites if I look at the grass. If I know I’m headed to an outside event, you bet your bottom dollar that I spray a generous amount of bug spray on my feet, toes, legs and arms. Then, I throw the bug spray in my bag and have it if I need more. Saves me so much trouble while I’m at said event and I’m already prepared.

6) Makeup wipes - If I’m outside for awhile, sometimes my face feels like it wants to melt off. I don’t even wear that much makeup, but I can feel the sweatiness of my skin and it feels nice to have makeup wipes to wipe off excess oil or grease, leaving my face feel more fresh.

While these may feel like 'no-brainers', sometimes it helps to refresh your mind with the basics. We hope that these tips and tricks help you beat the heat out there! 

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