R+ R Would Like to Introduce "Bek's Table"!!!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have looked up to my cousin Rebekah. She spent half her childhood in Japan, and to me, that seemed so exotic and intriguing when they moved back to the States. I used to ask her to say a bunch of different words in Japanese and she'd always humor me although I'm sure that little game got old very quickly. She always did things with a lot of care, even down to her handwriting. Now that we're older, nothing has changed.  I still greatly admire her, and she still does everything with care, especially her COOKING! Next to my grandma, Rebekah is the best cook I've ever met. It has been said, and greatly agreed upon, that her cooking is like a giant hug. She, however, will be the first to tell you that she's not a professional, and has never had any formal training, but it doesn't take an expert to taste the love that she puts into every little morsel. Her cooking isn't just a meal, it's an experience. That is why I'm OVER THE MOON to tell you about our new blog segment happening every other week, "Bek's Table". Rebekah will be sharing some of her favorite recipes, gardening, and the warmth she shares around her table. 

   "I have loved cooking since I was little and my Mom let me start cooking the meals for dinner when I was still in elementary school. I’m sure they were gross but it made me feel like I was helping and that I had accomplished something. I love how food brings people together and that it’s a way I can make people feel cared for and loved. Food has a strong connection to home, our past and our community. Those are the reasons I love food and cooking." 

Be on the look out for Bek's Table! You don't want to miss these blogs and the beautiful photos!

- Whitney

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