Whitney Wednesday: All About Coffee!

I think it's a little known fact that I love coffee! So this post is dedicated to my favorite little beverage and the different things I use to fuel my habit. 


For at home brewing, I'm in love with my pour over coffee maker by Bodum. I love a good strong coffee and this gives me more control over how the water is hitting and soaking the grounds. 

My current favorite coffee at the moment to brew at home is the Starbucks Breakfast Blend. I've tried a lot of coffee, especially by Starbucks, and this is the one I'm currently loving. 

This might make me sound looney but I have a favorite mug. My coffee just tastes better in this mug and I literally can't find back ups of this mug ANYWHERE. It came in a gift set I got about 10 years ago from Starbucks. I love the size and that it can hold a lot of coffee. I also love how cozy it feels holding it. I know, I sound neurotic but it's one of my favorite things. This mug looks very similar! And if you're a mug connoisseur, Anthropologie has some of thee cutest mugs on the planet! 

When I get drive through coffee, I am a Starbucks girl at heart. I am tried to love Dunkin but I just can't do it. The taste of Dunkin coffee is just not my jam. I love my Tall Starbucks Double Shot with half and half. It's rich and heavily caffeinated, and just hits the spot. I'm also a fan of the Carmel Macciato for when I'm wanting a more sugary drink. The seasonal latte's are also yummy.

I'm a big fan of local coffee shops especially in Nashville. Bigger cities always have the best coffee places. I almost always do cold brews with half and half, or lattes, and they are almost always the best things on earth. Note worthy coffees are Barista Parlor's Whiskey Carmel Latte (easily the best coffee I've ever had), and Zion Coffee's Latte (one of the best around!). 

Tell me some of your favorite coffee places or your go to coffee drinks!




We love coffee at our house too. My husband is a home roaster, so we buy most of our coffee green, and then he roasts it fresh weekly. If we buy it, we normally do Intelligentsia. You should give it a try!

Marissa April 18, 2018

Whitney I feel you on the mug thing. There’s nothing like having coffee in your favorite mug. Like you I HAVE to have my half and half!! I’m a Starbucks junkie too, the Hospital I work at has one in the lobby so I get it every morning I work, and can payroll deduct. In my hometown of Pittsburg, Ks we have a local shop called Roots run by two local young sisters. Their coffee is just as good as Starbucks and their pastries,some gluten free, are to die for. My mom, sister and I meet there every couple weeks for girl time. Love my coffee especially with my family. Love your company and all you girls do to support bringing women from all over the country together. So positive and encouraging. Love the closeness you share with your sisters and family. Love to you all!

Cara Brooks April 18, 2018


Denise April 18, 2018

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