Werk Out.

I’m not sure what’s more sad…the fact that I hate doing the exact thing I’m blogging about, or the fact that it took me over 20 blog posts to write about. Is there really anyone who likes working out? Honestly. But, be serious. I get that you like to look tone, do you for sure like to work out or is it that you just get to wear tight things and show off your awesome bod? Which, hey, if you’re working out constantly, by all means, please show that ish off, I would if I were. But, guess what? I dislike it. The only part of the workout that I like, is the end, when it’s over and I can proudly pat my own back and say, “I believed in your brah, you got this”, and year after year, I watch that bikini body slip further and further away. But this next year, is going to be different, right? I feel like if I speak it, I need to own it…right? Right?

When I was living in Indiana, my friend Lucy, “Lucille” and I would work out together with a personal trainer. We would go every Tuesday/Thursday to “The D.G” as we called it, or a.k.a., “The Debbie Gym". We worked out in a small space in Debbie’s basement, but it was more than perfect for what we had going. We would work out doing 3 circuits of anywhere from 5-8 movements each and then at the end, we’d do a mat cool down. I was in the best shape of my life and I loved loved loved my trainer and our sessions together.

If you can’t tell by now, when I moved to Nashville, my life made a dramatic shift. I was now out of my comfort zone, I was having to make new friends, I had to find a different job, I had to put myself out there, and I had to get a new gym with no Lucille and no Debbie. And, although I loved the feeling after working out, I began a membership at the YMCA that I never used and paid nearly $70 dollars a month for. Too much money to just, not go. So, I quit the Y, I joined a smaller gym, paying less and working out with another friend of mine who turns into a complete psycho when working out. I’m serious, this girl turns into another person. She’s annoyed, she doesn’t laugh, she tells me that the way I worked out with my trainer wasn’t the correct form, or she makes fun of me when I use equipment wrong. < —— That is actually par for the course. I’m not a very graceful person and when exposed to a full gym, of course I’m going to think a leg press is a crunch machine, or whatever they call it. Of course I’m going to want to laugh and gab in between sets, because I hurt and it's hard, and my release is laughing and having fun while I do things, but I couldn’t do that with this friend. She had no time or patience for my shenanigans, even though, I think we have never fought a day since we’ve been friends, we just don’t work out together anymore, and that’s okay!

Meanwhile, as my friend was slowly shunning me from our workouts, I began to skip or not go at all, so I quit altogether. Then, I decided I’d start a new job working 10+hours a day, and not work out at all. On top of that, then I decided that I’d get a home renovation, and well, let’s just say that I’ve come up with every excuse in the book to not have to exercise, until now. I’m ready to finally get back out there. I feel like I’m only working closer to 9 1/2 hours now and I’m back in my house, ready to start a new routine.

So, here’s my favorite werk out that I’d like to share with you all! Of course it’s an arm routine:

3 sets of each for 45 seconds (weight contingent on what you can handle)

- TRX rows

- Lat pull downs

- Seated rows

- Kettlebell swing

- Dumbbell push press

These were my top 5 favorite exercises and my arms never looked better. Now, I’m a soggy piece of bread that wishes she would’ve stuck with it, because it’s going to be so tough this week to get back in the routine, but we’ve all gotta start somewhere. Maybe I’ll start running and training for a half marathon…maybe.


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Denise Lee April 16, 2018

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