Whitney Wednesday: Our Favorite Baby Names

How fun are baby names??? Literally ask any girl, no matter what age, and she'll give you a list of baby names she's been saving for her future children. I remember when I was in Jr. High, the girl name I had picked out was Dawson Love, and the boy name was Davian Lyn (a rendition of my dad's name). I didn't use either of them, but it's funny that it's something I still remember. 

I'm actually super picky about my baby names. They can't be associated with anyone I know and I can't know anyone with the names on my list.  It's preferable that I've never heard these names used as names, I.E. I made them up. I will, however, bend these rules a tiny bit if I really love the name (like my son Rivers). I also think about what the nicknames would be if the names were shortened. For instance, I wanted to name my firstborn Royal, but his nickname would have been Roy which wasn't really my jam. So we made it his middle name (which is where the Royal came from in Royal + Reese). 

Anyways, I LOVE looking at baby name lists to see if there's anything new that i need to add to my list! I thought it would be fun to share a few of my sister's and I's favorite names with you guys! I'll put our initial next to them so you can see who's list it came from


  • Lyric (W)
  • Sutton (W)
  • Beck (W)
  • Rebel (W)
  • Riot (W)
  • Noble (W)
  • Boden (W)
  • Park (W)
  • Sullivan (W)
  • Knightly (W)
  • Styles (W)
  • Journey (W)
  • Moto (W)
  • Rio (W)
  • Brave (W)
  • William (K)
  • Rhett (K)
  • Zachary (K)
  • Hayes (T)
  • Brixton (T)
  • Bexley (T)


  • Brightly (W)
  • Holiday (W)
  • Lecy (W)
  • Waverly (W)
  • Briar (W)
  • Liland (W)
  • Rilo (W)
  • Oceane (W)
  • Locklyn (W)
  • Wyn (W)
  • Jouri (W)
  • Stori (W)
  • Arrow (W)
  • Elyn (W)
  • Lux (W)
  • Lennox (K)
  • Nova (K)
  • Collette (K)
  • Halley (T)
  • Tori (T)
  • Peyton (T)
  • Saxony (T)

 That's all we've got! Let us know what your favorites are in the comments! I love hearing them!



    Whit I love your names. Where do U come up with them?

    Katie Ploch April 11, 2018

    My favorites that I’ve held on to for quite some time are Briggs for a boy and Braylee for a girl :)

    Mallory Munster April 11, 2018

    This post related to me so much! I am always always picking out baby names, and writing them in the notes on my phone. Lol.

    So here’s everything I got 🙈🙈

    Ava Lee
    Noah Ryan
    Madelyn Marie
    … Matthias
    Olivia Marie (lulu)
    Blaykely lee

    Remington (remmie)


    Samantha April 11, 2018

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