Snow Daze

Interrupting our normal blog schedule to talk, SNOW DAZE! I’m coming to you live from Northwest Indiana where we’ve seen over 16” of snow, with the lake effect. And, judging by all the groups I’m in on facebook, it sounds like many of us throughout the midwest and even the south are having a snow day. I’ve had a handful of friends text me this morning telling me that they were off work and weren’t sure what they were going to do, so I thought it would be kinda fun to give you all some ideas on what to do, today!

  • Play in the snow! Come on, dress warm, grab some boots and head out. Whens the last time you built a snowman? With this snow, you could probably build two!
  • Go sledding! We all know a little hill in our neighborhood that’s perfect for a little toboggan and some laughs.
  • Hate the snow? Try catching up on that book that you’ve been trying to read.
  • Make some soup. Is there anything better than making a delicious, warming soup for lunch while it weathers outside? The snow is even more beautiful, when you’re inside the comfort of your own home.
  • Watch a movie, only make small tickets for the kiddos to give you. Set up a living room fort, make some popcorn and some snacks for the kids to eat.
  • Taxes? Woof, yes it’s that time of year. Head to TurboTax online and file those taxes! We all want a little money back, right!? Heck yeah!
  • Have small children but want them to experience the snow? Grab a large tupperware and fill it with some snow, so your littles can play with the texture, but inside where it’s warm.
  • Plan a vacation. Hey, we’re deep in a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t head to warmer cities by hopping in your car and driving safely to an Airbnb in the woods somewhere. Especially since you won’t really come into contact with many people.
  • Dream. Want to revamp a room in your house? Start picking out some inspo pieces while cuddled underneath a blanket. Pinterest is your friend.
  • Bake cookies! Is there anything more fun than making glorious cookies, eating the dough, smelling them as they cook, and then eating them when they’re finished!? Baking cookies is all the rage in the land.
  • Deep clean the house, or not. (I won’t be doing this hahaha)
  • Exercise or meditate. This weather, coupled with what the nation is going through feels stressful. We lack any sort of control on either situation, but what helps is sometimes, taking a few moments for ourselves—controlling our breathing and putting our minds in a different place or just throwing on a youtube video about working out at home, so we get a little sweat on.
  • Spruce up your house with some new prints! Take your favorite cell phone picture and go to Shutterfly and put it on a canvas or in a frame.
  • Bubblebath. Okay, this one speaks to me. I have a bath bomb in the cabinet with my name on it!
  • Puzzling! This is a fun thing for everyone involved. Grab a puzzle and put it together with the family with a little music in the background.
  • Make a new playlist. Are you ever at the gym and get sick and tired of the music on your current playlist? Revamp it while you’re hanging inside, watching the snow fall.
  • Go through your closets. Get rid of the clothes you no longer wear and set a goal to take them to the shelter when the weather is a little easier to get around in.
  • Call an old friend. Sometimes life gets in the way and we get busy. Call the friend you’ve not been able to connect with and see what they’re up to.
  • Write a love letter. Have a significant other who has driven you insane because we’re in a global pandemic and they’re the only person you’ve seen in the last several weeks?! haha, tell them what you love about them, or find a new way to connect by putting pen to paper.
  • Lastly, just do nothing! Snow days are all about the daze. If you want to sit on a couch and hang out, doing nothing, cruising social media under a blanket with the fireplace raging, I implore you to do so! Have a much needed ‘rest’ day where you catch up on what’

Sometimes we need someone to give us direction when we have idle hands. This is your permission to do, whatever your hearts desire! Snow days are all about the snow daze! Enjoy and I hope that your day is nothing short of a fun day!



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