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The polar vortex is here, which means that most of us are staying inside and trying to keep warm during the evenings and weekends. Because of that, I’ve started to catch up on allllll the shows on Netflix and Hulu. I'm in a constant 'loaf' status.  So, I thought I'd do a Netflix roundup!

Blown Away - People from all around the world compete for the best glass and glass blowing techniques. They use assistants, 2000 degree ovens and make glass masterpieces to compete for a price. It is insane to see how things begin to take shape... and it's all out of glass. Give this one a whirl if you like to see creative pieces! 

Bridgerton - I'm sure you've heard all the rage on this show. It's drama, it's intrigue, it's set back in history but it keeps you all wrapped up in the characters, almost like an olden day, Gossip Girl. Check this one out if you like the drama. But a note that there are a fair amount of sexual scenes in this. 

Firefly Lane - This show is brand spanking new and I've binged most of it. It's a story about two best friends and the paths of their lives. We not only see present day, but we watch these two grow up over the years and we get to flip flop between the two settings and it's been so good, so far. 

The Sinner - Back with a new season, The Sinner, keeps you on your toes until the very last episode. Each season we follow the main character who is a detective who tries to solve puzzling crimes, while also having a complicated life of his own. This series is just a good one to keep you guessing. It's very suspenseful. 

Schitt’s Creek - If you have not seen this show yet, please drop everything and go now, to start. This show is hilariously funny and it’s good hearted. I have laugh so hard when I watch and no other show makes me laugh at a tv, much. They even have a Schitt's Creek documentary where you can learn about how each of the characters feel about the show coming to an end.

Emily in Paris - This is a little corny but it’s very, 'feel good'. It’s a cute show and keeps you always rooting for the underdog. It's about a girl who gets to pursue her dream while working in Paris--she has to learn the language and culture as she goes along. She bumbles throughout, but always finds a way to come out on top. And, of course there's a love story or two in there. 

Great British Baking Show - What it is about this show... it just always has me watching. I'm unsure if it’s because I feel like I can taste the breads and pies in my mouth while I'm watching, or if it’s because it’s just a wholesome show? I can’t stop staring at all the yummy things. How do they even know what everything is when they're missing recipe instructions? How does one get so creative with bread!? If you like baking and want to see some real creativity, check out this show. Their accents aren't that bad to listen to, either. 

Selling Sunset - Okay, back to the drama. This show is off the charts in a cut throat manner. Someone is always backstabbing someone else. But amidst the drama and yelling, you get to see how the wealthy people of the world live and what different types of amenities are available to the rich and famous. Real estate is just a wonder in itself, but while sitting her in the getting-colder-everyday-midwest, it's fun to watch what is happening in LA and surrounding cities. And while we're on the topic of real estate...

Dream Home Makeover - A show about interior design that helps design and tailor homes based on what each homeowner loves and needs to have in their house. They help come up with different design solutions for rooms and they help keep rooms cohesive in new spaces. They're doing all of this while maintaining two companies, a family, and building a new home.  

Stay Here - This showcases AirBnB / VRBO listings that need some work. A small team comes in and revamps the space and helps with a marketing strategy. This is something that will help their business tenfold and give them a better vision for the future. They head to some fairly interesting places. 

Queen Gambit - This show was unique and is a great space filler. The episodes are long and the amount is plentiful. We get to watch as an orphaned girl lives out her young adult life while competing with some of the best chess players of the world. We see her hardships and what she overcomes to get where she is. 

A Million Little Things - Hulu - I RAVE about this show and have had several of my friends start it. This show is full of twists and turns, compassion, kindness, scandal, but more than anything, it's just so darn good! I love feel good shows and things that keep me interested and when I hit the end of this one, I was lost. I didn't know where to go. So if you like all the things I listed above, you HAVE to watch this show. You will not regret it. 

I know that there are so many shows that I'm missing and let's face it, they change on a weekly basis, but so far, this is what I have written down. So while you're fumbling through the channels, wondering what to watch, check out this list and see if any of these trip your trigger! 

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