Wondering What To Make for Dinner?

Are you ever sitting on your couch around dinner time with no plan in place and pull up UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates, Delivery, Grubhub, etc.? Before you know it, you’re trying to find the smallest delivery charge, yet, trying to order enough to not have a “Small Cart Fee”.  The dance is daunting. Then, you go to another app you know has the same merchant, to see if their delivery fee is less. Once you finally have your restaurant nailed down on the app you want it to come from, you proceed to order all the things. But by the time all the fees are added and your tip for the driver is figured in, it’s double if not triple what you’d spend if you drove there yourself, OR if you made your own meal.

I’m ashamed to say how many times I’ve ordered from these apps in the last couple of months. Thinking about how much money I would’ve spent if I would’ve been able to drive, versus the money I spent for the convenience, is honestly double of what it should be. And, while a friend was over the other night, she convinced me to try a box meal subscription assuring me that the food is really yummy and it’s honestly less than what you’d spend at a restaurant and it’s insanely convenient. Upon her recommendation, I gave it a whirl, in addition to deleting all my delivery apps. I decided, if I can spend around $20 dollars a delivery,  s e v e r a l  times a week, I can spend 60-80 in a subscription box weekly, and get yummy food to conveniently cook at home. I even get to choose what meals I want from a plethora that they have each week.

Yesterday was the day my HelloFresh was set to arrive, three meals in one box. I stalked my front door, looking out my window every few minutes if someone walked or even drove by. I was so excited to try something new. Once it was finally here, I thought it was so neat how they had packaged everything I needed into three separate bags, in one box.

The meal I landed on first, were the Firecracker Meatballs. Now, it’s important to note that I’m not a huge meatball fan. I don’t even remember the last time I had a meatball. I looked at the ingredients and I was skeptical. But, I pulled out all the things I needed: recipe, ingredients they supplied and even salt, pepper and oil from my cupboard and went to work.

The first thing I did was lay everything out and look at the directions. I had to cut up some vegetables, roll the meat into balls, and put the rice on to boil —then simmer. The prep was around ten minutes long and super simple. In 20 minutes, I was eating delicious Firecracker Meatballs, rice and green beans…and it was one of the best meals, I couldn’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch the following day.

I have two recipes left to make this week and I’m just as excited about them. I also feel better that I’m actually cooking my own food instead of spending so much money on one meal. Gone are the days I mull over what I want to eat. So, if you’re wondering if you should do the meal subscription, you should DEFINITELY try it anddd many of them have coupons to start. So, check it out and see what is best and most feasible with your family.



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