Spring Break On A Budget

Spring Break. What does that mean to you?
When I was growing up we didn't really travel much on Spring Break. I lived in a small town so I feel like we created our own fun, but honestly I don't remember anything specific standing out. 
As the years went on, I had friends that would go to warm destinations during this time, and others that would travel abroad for missions on their Spring Break. I often remember working if I am honest, but one year I did get to travel to see my Grandmother. It was actually one of my favorite 'vacations'. She lived in Galveston TX and we didn't do a ton, but we were together. 
Family has always been very important to me. It is always ranked at the top and I am thankful for a Spring Break this year that will be low key and at home together. Now, while I cannot wait for the laughter and the smiles and all that comes with this rainbow filled 'staycation', I know the words, 'I am bored' will be spoken at least 50 times per day. 
So since we are not traveling anywhere tropical, or visiting any relatives in a warmer climate, what will we do?  Well, let me share some fun things that I have found that won't break your bank!
1. Read a book.  That seems easy enough right? Well, it is, but if your kiddo is anything like mine, it won't be that simple. We are going to search through her books and make a list of 10 books that we either haven't read, or that she loved and we should visit again. My kiddo is a visual gal, so we are making a list so we can cross them off as we go!
2. Travel abroad.  What? Didn't you just say that no one was traveling and this would be inexpensive? Yep! I love to try and strengthen creativity so we are going to use a map (one we already have, like an old atlas) and use stickers to mark 5 different places we will travel to. Then we will look up different places that are 'must see' places at this location and make up our own travel story! Bonus if you have a writer, he/she can help you make a book to write them down!
3. Go on a scavenger hunt!  I think this is probably one of my faves. You can make this what you would like. I enjoy finding ideas on Pinterest to put my own together. My kiddo loves filling the storage up on my phone by taking too many pics, so I like to incorporate taking pictures of the things we are looking for. This can be done within or around your home. Adjust it to your child's age group to make it more challenging if you want too!
4. Make a meal. Again, seems so easy, but challenge yourself and your child to use ingredients you have already in your kitchen to make a meal! If you are like me you are a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay's MasterChef so ours will be kind of like that. If your kiddos are old enough and you have more than one, healthy competition is always a good time!
5. Last but certainly not least, Game night! Or day, whatever works best for your schedules. This can be a favorite board game, or maybe an old school game of charades (one of my faves), whatever your family should choose! I love keeping things basic. Card games are another favorite in our house!
I hope this list helps get your creative juices flowing! I hope everyone has a safe and entertaining Spring Break 2020! 

-Connie Jo

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