Tara's Amazon Finds

Amazon Finds

One of my favorite things to watch on Influencer’s stories is their Amazon finds.  I’m such a sucker for a good kitchen gadget or something that’s going to make my life a little easier.  So I put together some of my favorite finds in the list below:

Necklet Necklace Clasp

There’s nothing more obnoxious than getting a cute necklace and the clasp is so small you can barely get your fingers around it, let alone open it up. I love this product because it makes layering necklaces really easy and makes putting on necklace simple with its magnetic clasp.


Yimbora Bathroom rugs

We’ve gone through countless bathroom rugs.  Brian is super picky about softness, thickness and style.  We’ve had some that didn’t last due to being too hard under foot, some that got ruined in the washer and some that just got trashed over time due to being all white.  So when I found these I was skeptical but they’ve proven to be soft, stylish and easily washable, AND they meet Brian’s approval which is a huge plus!


Foldable Sunhat

After getting melasma really bad with Brylee, I keep my face out of the sun almost always.  So I wear hats when we're in the pool or going to a game.  I love the look of a floppy hat but they don’t travel well and their durability around the pool has proven not to be good.  This sunhat is the best that I have found!  It gives you the look of a floppy hat, it allows you to put your hair up in a pony or bun because it fits like a visor, AND it rolls up making for easy travel.  Best find for the money!

Avocado slicer 3-in-1-Tool

I love avocado but I hate cutting them.  A friend of mine almost lost a finger cutting the pit out of an avocado so I’m always careful when working with them.  This nifty little tool makes it super easy to cut, take the center out, and slice.



Veggie Chopper

There’s nothing more annoying to me that making something that requires a lot of tedious chopping.  This will be your new best friend if you love fresh pico because you can chop tomatoes in seconds!



Maternity tanks

I’ve never had to wear anything maternity in past pregnancies but this baby decided he wants to be a little bruiser so I quickly found that regular tanks were not going to work for this late summer pregnancy.  I found these tanks that have ruching on the side and are still fitted but super comfortable to wear and long enough to cover the ever growing bump!



Makeup bag

When we started selling Senegence, we  said we probably need to own every product they make so we could accurately speak to all of the products and how they work and what we like.  That meant we were going to need suitcase size makeup bags to house it all. We found these in two different sizes and they have been the perfect case to use to separate all of our brushes and cosmetics.

90 Degree Reflex Legging

I’ve never been a wear leggings as pants kind of person but it became necessity with this pregnancy so I loaded up on a couple different black leggings to get me through the summer.  These were a pair that are supposed to be Lulu dupes and we gave away as prizes to RR customers on countless occasions.  They are great quality and feel for the price.  



Amazon thongs

My favorite thong brand is Hanky Panky from Nordstrom, but they are $20 a piece. $13 on a good day if you catch them on anniversary sale or at the Rack, so overtime I’ve filled in with some other similar brands.  One is Felina from the Rack which are more like $7 a piece and still have similar style and feel.  I tried these out after seeing them on a blogger’s stories and couldn’t beat the price.  While they’ll never compare to my beloved Hanky Panky, they are a great knock off purchase that won’t break the bank.



Copper measuring cups

I’ve learned the hard way that having plastic measuring cups is always a bad decision over time.  It never fails that they either get melted or break.  So I’ve transitioned over to metal and why not cute metal ones if you’re going to make the switch. Kait grabbed these and loves them.  I also got them for my mom’s birthday this year and they are a great buy!


Our Grandma Tillie was literally our version of Paula Dean.  Everything she made was amazing and left your taste buds always wanting more.  Any time she gave us kitchenware I cherished it, because I knew it was amazing quality and also because she knew what she was talking about.  One Christmas she gave us all silicone spatulas as stocking stuffers and to this day it’s my favorite one in my kitchen.  It just recently started splitting, but I have found that this high heat set is super similar to the one she gave me.



Belly Book

I grabbed one of these books for each pregnancy.  I wasn’t always the greatest about writing in it or keeping up with all of the milestones but it was fun to look back through and see the weekly photos and compare from pregnancy to pregnancy.



Bare Coconut Chips

Last summer we did the bone broth diet which left us not eating much of anything we had been.  With my sweet tooth, I needed something to curb the cravings and I LOVED this brand.  From their banana and apple chips to their coconut chips, it was the perfect treat to keep me from grabbing for a brownie.

Mellanni Sheets

Sheets are one of those household purchases that I hate making because it’s expensive and not something I want to spend money on.  When I saw all the bloggers talk about these, I was skeptical that $30 sheets could really be this soft or of high quality but they were right.  It makes buying king sheets less painful and they’ve held up really well.  They’re not hot, and they’re super soft and they are a nice fit on the bed without being baggy.



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