Ten Reasons to Use LashSense

Last summer, I did a first impression on a Facebook Live about the Senegence Mascara and primer. Ladies, I’m absolutely crazy about mascara. I mean, to the point where I’m so loyal, I will use the same brand for years and years, if it works, and boy… does this stuff WERK!

Since March Madness is here and we’re focusing on beauty through Senegence, I thought I’d check in with Kait to see what her top TEN reason are for switching to Senegence 3-1 Primer and Mascara. Read her answers below and then, seriously, see if you can say no to this!

1. The 3-1 Primer helps to prime and protect the lashes while it nourishes.

2. The regular mascara provides length and volume.

3. The waterproof mascara provides hold, curl and extra volume.

4. The mascaras are hydrating— so they restore the lashes to original health with Vitamin E oil.

5. The main reason lashes fall out is because they’re dry and brittle—so nourishing your lashes means that you’re making sure they stay thick and hydrated and don’t fall out.

6. They have an ingredient called Capixyl that helps your lashes grow by 46% in length AND density in just four weeks.

7. The mascara is humidity and water resistant. This means even if you sweat or get caught in the rain, you won’t have those pesky black streaks transferring under your eyes

8. The mascara is buildable but doesn’t clump.

9. The mascara doesn’t crumble or fall under your lash line with mascara bits under your eye.

10. The more formulas you use, the more length and volume you will have; same way you layer product on the hair on your head. So as you use the trio— it helps give you length, volume, moisture, curl and thickness.

Go now and order and let us know how much you love it, once you get it! We're excited to hear about it. Grab this trio here at:  Senegence!

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