Women's History Month

It’s Women’s History Month!

I remember when Royal + Reese started and I had heard stories of all these women coming together to create a community all through clothes, thinking about how special it was. And now? Now, I’m a part of this community.

Tara, Whitney, and Kait have created the most beautiful thing… They lift women up, champion them in prayer, help shoulder burdens by lending an ear to listen, and they talk about the hard things—in a way that makes you feel safe and able to also expound on your own stories and experiences. Because, the fact of the matter is, we all struggle at times, but there is nothing better than a HUGE girl gang standing behind you, showing you, YOU GOT THIS! Am I right!? 

For Women’s History Month, I thought that I’d share with you, some of the testimonials from our group. We love to know that you’re out there and even more, we love that you’re here with us and that we can champion you, pray for you, and cry with you: 

“I truly love everything I have ordered from Royal and Reese, the staff, and all the ladies on this page. It is always so positive and uplifting and judgement free. Thank you all!”

“…I’ve been a fan since the dining room days…Thanks R+R for getting me out of my comfort zone and making it so fun too! Best girl gang ever.”

“R+R made me a fashionista…I have really found who I am through fashion and it all started here with you all…”

“I bought this dress to make a sad day feel a little less sad. I danced around my house and ate cheesecake from morning until midnight. My husband swears this is the best outfit I’ve ever owned, but I think mostly because it brought me joy on a day that felt so sad." 

“I have way too many clothes from R+R to pick one favorite. I have loved everything I have bought since September 2018. I also love this community of wonderful women!”

“I have been with Royal and Reese since the days at the house! I bought my first piece and fell in love with it so I kept coming back…Customer service is fast and super helpful!… I love Royal and Reese!”

“I love getting to know all 3 sisters and their families. Can’t wait to keep enjoying my purchases! Thank you for all you do!”

“I’ve struggle with my body image since high school…R&R supports women of all sizes and I love that I can see an item I like on a body type that is similar to mine. I also love this community this group provides. For me, R&R isn’t just about the buying cute clothes. I love getting to know people from this group.”

So, let us know you're out there! Thank you all, for being a part of this amazing girl gang! Thanks for helping us keep Royal + Reese positive, uplifting, and a place where you can always come to feel like yourself. 🖤 

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