What's Your Skin Type?

It wasn’t until I was near the age of the 30, when I discovered the value and importance of a great skin care routine. However, this was years ago, so I couldn’t find a lot of information on what I needed, aside from going to an esthetician for a facial or a dermatologist and neither were cost effective for my bank account.

Fast forward to right now… where you can go to Senegence.com and with a seven question quiz, you are able to find out your skin type and what’s needed to make your skin look even more radiant. There are four types of results and each type has specific needs. Senegence will then formulate your starter kit trio, that consists of:

-3 in 1 Cleanser

-Daytime Moisturinzer
-Evening Moisturizer

This trio will help you get started, but we also suggest adding on other things to also aid in your skincare game:

EyeCreme is an anti aging complex that not only gives a velvety texture, it helps with application of eye makeup and eliminates shadowing. This also helps fill in fine lines because the skin moves so much here. 

ClimateControl is an overall hydration in its purest form, a humectant, that goes on right after you cleanse your skin. Climate Control aids your moisturizer while locking it in and giving you extra moisture for the times your skin needs it most.

Lastly, SeneSerum-C can be used under day or night under moisturizers because it’s extremely light and can help smooth your appearance and increase luminosity and firmness. The technology behind SeneSerum-C is pretty cool because it is stored in hydrating C Pearls that don’t become activated until it gets pumped into your hand, so it’s not losing any potency. SeneSerum-C is mainly for aging but also helps renew the fine lines and wrinkles as well as gives overall hydration.

So, what are you waiting for!? Do you have questions about where to start your skincare regimine? We'd love to help walk you through or give you a little guidance about what has worked for us as well as background information on all these products! We look forward to hearing from you. 



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