Sister Fave Amazon Finds

Ahh, Amazon. A beautiful platform with hundreds of thousands of products, right at your fingertips—complete with comparable items, pictures and reviews to see how other consumers like their product and the best, “Prime” two day shipping. Swoon.

I’ve been a Prime member for awhile now and I can get lost on Amazon. I mean, it’s almost like Pinterest…but more fun with all of the things I don’t really need, but could ‘need’, ya know? So, I thought it would be fun to get with Tara, Whit and Kait and find out that three things that they love and are obsessing over right now from Amazon!

Santal Diffuser Drops - Throw a few drops of these in your diffuser and you'll never want to leave the room, that's for certain. The smell is incredibly fresh and rich, just the best while you're sitting and reading, working, or even watching television. 

High Maintenance Glamour Wash - The smell of this wash brings you straight to heaven. Not only does it make your home smell amazing, it elevates your sleeping and showering game when you use this on sheets and towels. 

Chlorophyll Liquid Drops - This is an immunity builder, but it also has plenty of other benefits such as; energy, decreasing bad breath and acting like an internal deodorant for your body.

Santal Diffuser Drops - A second sister reference towards the drops, so you KNOW they must be good. 

Square Bottom Wine Glasses - These are super chic and give a unique vibe to wine night with friends. They're also so different than the normal wine glasses you see and they're fun to style in a glass front cabinet.

Nespresso Capsules - Because Nespresso can be tough to grab unless you're walking through Williams Sonoma, Amazon makes it super attainable to get your capsules quick and easy.

Te Rich Resistant Workout Bands - With almost 24k review, these workout bands give you something to use for various workout plans and needs. AND, they're under $20 dollars for a set of three. 

Choczero Syrup - Whitney loves Choczero and this is her favorite syrup. It is a little more pricey, however, there are no sugars, sugar alcohols or preservatives in this syrup, so if you're watching your carb and sugar intake, Choczero is the way to go.

Devotions from Greenroom Eastview Worship - A note from Eastview Worship: "Our weekly green room devotions serve to inspire us before we 'take the stage' and remind us of our purpose in serving Jesus. These devotions are intended to inspire, encourage, and challenge you as you serve faithfully in the kingdom of God." We all need a little devotion and some reminders in our lives, right? Check this out!

Did you also know that Royal + Reese has its own storefront on Amazon!? You can follow along with all the products we've loved or tried and there's a huge list if you click this link. It is broken down by all the categories and we think you'll love seeing what the sisters are into at any given moment as they add to their favorites, often. 

What are your favorite finds on Amazon!? Tell us, because we MUST know all the secrets! 

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