SURPRISE! Guess what's dropping at RR tomorrow...

One of my favorite things to do with my mom, was at the end of each spring, we’d go and I’d get to pick out the bathing suit I’d wear for the whole summer. I was only allowed one suit because money was tight, but I didn’t care. Those summer days, whether I was outside with my slip in slide, covered in grass, running through the sprinkler, or heading to the town pool, I always thought it was so cool. I got to be in my really cool swimsuit all day long. Sometimes, if I were lucky, we’d do back to back pool days. I can still smell the chlorine and the damp cold of my suit while I type this. My very favorite swimsuit was black with gold sunflowers all over it and a cutout on each side—before cutouts and monokini’s were a thing.

Now, picking out swimsuits feels a little more… humbling haha. And in recent years I’ve bumbled around, trying to find a pattern or color that I really love while also keeping in mind, my body shape and size, as well as, what I’ll feel most comfortable and confident in. But TOMORROW morning, we have our
Out Of Office Collection dropping! I’m so excited to tell you SWIMWEAR and BRIDAL are finally coming to R+R! Not only will we have different cuts of swimsuits, we also have matching family suits so you can all match! And, I haven’t even mentioned Bridal, yet…

Bridal swimwear, bridal accessories, bridal tees, bridal mugs and so much more is also dropping at R+R tomorrow morning! This fun collection was designed with you all in mind. They're the little but fun things to help you celebrate all your days leading up to and beyond the altar. We’re so excited to drop this collection and can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been up to! Tell us what you’re most excited for, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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