Best Nashville Eats

Once upon a time, there was a girl that quit her job and randomly, she had the courage to move over 400+ miles south, to Nashville, Tennessee. Who is this girl and why did she have courage? Well, that girl is me, ‘Wallzy’, and I had the courage because of my cousin, Kait. Not only did she tell me that I could stay with her, she also helped me find a job, went house shopping with me and introduced me to the best group of friends, I have ever known! Well, I lived in Nashville for four years, and in that time and even as of now, I get asked about the best places to stay, funnest bars and activities, and most importantly, best food options. So today, I complied a list and then asked Tara, Whitney, and Kait their favorites, too, so we could cover them for you! Check out our list below; you’ll be happy that you did!

Tara suggests:
Liberty Commons - A totally chic vibe along with an amazing brunch/dinner menu and they’re located right downtown.

Bourbon Steak - Tara noted that this place gives you a flight of french fries and dipping sauces instead of bread.

North Italia - A yummy Italian place with handmade pasta, connected to Green Hills Mall.

Whitney suggests: 
Bongo Coffee - This location is in East Nashville, but there are a few places in the city that has this coffee. It’s so smooth and their beans are also available for purchase.

Mas Tacos - Also located on the East side, Mas Tacos is a cash only establishment that people will wait 30 mins in line for. The best tacos, chicken tortilla soup, and elote, you’ll eat.

Restoration Hardware Cafe - Their food is yum, their coffee is even better, and the vibes are unsurpassed.

Kait suggests:
- These guys are known for their tapas. The best place to come and spend hours eating lots of yummy small plates and sharing.

Kayne Prime - Owned by M Street, this steakhouse doesn’t disappoint. It’s pricey and usually have reservations, but they have the best steaks and even yummier, fun sides. Very cool for a date night.
Cava - This is Kait’s go to! Picture a Chipotle but with Mediterranean food. Yum, they have different levels of spice and the bowls are fantastic, definitely more of a casual vibe.

Wallzy suggests:
Two Ten Jack -
Ah may zing ramen! This place is my all time favorite. They have the best ramen bowls, yummy sushi, and their small/shareable plates are great.
Sambucca - This place has steak, seafood, and everything in between. They also have great live music while you eat.

Emmy Squared - Known for best burger in Nashville, this place also slays when it comes to pizza and appetizers, don’t miss out! Detroit style pizza



Honorable Mentions


Jimmy Kelley’s


Saint Anejo

Rose Pepper

Lockeland Table

Urban cowboy

Far East Thai

Five points pizza



Mitchell’s (lunch)

Kayne Prime


Ale and masala house

Marche (brunch)

Rolf and Daughters

312 Pizza Co

City House

Butchertown Hall

Proper Bagel (brunch)

Milk & Honey (brunch)

True Food Kitchen


Hearts  (lunch)

Cava (lunch)



Bar Taco

Local Taco







Bongo East


Barista Parlor


Frothy Monkey

Anzie Blue

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