Coming Soon, Invest In Yourself Collection

This morning, I ate a really great breakfast; eggs over medium, two pieces of turkey bacon, and ½ cup of quick oats with a little bit of cinnamon and a dash of sugar free syrup. Then, at 10a, I promptly headed over to the pantry and looked around for a little while before settling on two, Double Stuf Oreos…because life is about balance, right!?

The same thing happens to me when it comes to working out. I go in phases of doing really great and then phases where I don’t even want to look at a gym, fitness band, or free weight. Last year, it was really tough to workout because many gyms were closed for awhile and we were all a little petrified to leave our houses (maybe some more than others). So, when the month of December hit and I felt miserable because I had been eating whatever I wanted and not moving around as much, I decided it was time to start working out from home. And, what makes working out from home, better?, in my opinion? Cute workout clothes and friends!

I’m not sure if you know, but in just a few short weeks, Royal + Reese is dropping,
“Invest In Yourself” Collection! Primarily featuring all the cutest workout must haves from shorts and yoga pants, to cropped sweatshirts and tank tops, all the way to water bottles and hats, curated for you. This collection features your favorite three sisters partnering with one bad a$$ lady, Jen of Core Fitness. Not only will this drop include the cutest workout line for Mommy and ME, but it will also include the a chance to purchase:

-Six Video Package: $50
-Post Partum Package: $20
-Six Video Package AND Post Partum Package together: $65

Royal + Reese wants to help you realign with your wellness and fitness goals to promote better life balance. Tara, Whit and Jen, are coming to your screens on April 30th! More information is coming your way, soon! Stay tuned.

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