Meet Jen, Core Fitness

For the last several weeks, us ladies here at R+R have been hunkered down preparing for one of the funnest collections to date, Invest In Yourself!

Invest In Yourself is a workout / athletic collection that features almost every workout clothing piece available and get this… they come in solids, graphics from Core Fitness, and fun prints that Whitney has designed! But wait, there’s MORE. Do you love matching your littles? Did you also know that the, Invest In Yourself Collection, also comes in Kid’s and Youth sizes?! I mean, the possibilities are endless. Let me be the first to tell you that there are over 400 products that will go live on, Friday, April 30, 2021.

R+R wants you to s l a y your health and fitness goals, so not only are we bringing you the most adorable, curated pieces so you feel great about working out, we also want to give you tips and tricks from whom we partnered with, to make this collection possible…Introducing, Jen from Core Fitness! But you may be wondering, who is this woman and where does she come front? Here’s a little background on Jen and why she’s been instrumental in the, Invest In Yourself Collection. And also, this is why we love her!

Jen will be married to the love of her life, Scott for 24 years, next month. Together, they have three beautiful girls, ages: 21, 19, and 16. When she was pregnant with her first two daughters, Jen gained over 50+ pounds. When she was pregnant with her third daughter, she decided she wanted to be healthier for her kids. So, she started walking, which turned into jogging which also came with lifting weights. In turn, she fell in love with how she felt along with the energy she had.

A personal trainer friend of hers told Jen that she should get into training. From there, she began studying and researching and when her youngest was two years old, Jen became a personal trainer. That was 14 years ago and she hasn’t looked back. In the last few years, she has also studied to become a nutritionist.

Tara was one of Jen’s first clients and the two of them shared a mutual best friend, so they became close. Then she met Whitney and Kait. But…Did we also tell you that, now, Jen’s girls: Jaiden 21, Kylie 19, and Emma 16, all work for
Royal + Reese?! Who would know back then, that an ambitious lifestyle change of wanting be fit for her kids, plus an encouragement from a friend to get into personal training; would have led to such a fun, growing friend group that would eventually turn into family. Jen loves her job. She loves creating new regimens and seeing her friends/clients reach new heights and dreams. She’s so incredibly passionate about what she does and it shows!

Keep following us for more information on the newest collection, Invest In Yourself. On Instagram and VIP, we have short videos that will take a deeper dive with Jen as we ask her questions about what her favorite workouts are, how to combat lack of motivation after babies, how to work out with autoimmune diseases, what her favorite desserts are (my favorite question) and much much more. We will even be dropping a chance to purchase some workout videos with Jen. Everything will all be available on the, Invest In Yourself Collection, on Friday, April 30th, and ps. I bet you’re going to love Jen and this collection as much as we do!

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