Whitney's Ramen

I remember the first time I had Ramen Noodles. My mom always had some in the cabinet and I never knew what it was until I saw my older brother cooking it for the first time. But here’s the twist, the guy would literally boil the noodles, drain the water, and add the seasoning. What the what!? What a chef! I remember thinking how cool it was that he knew how to just make these curly noodles and he was even nice enough to let me have a bite.

Fast forward to my adult years, let’s talk ramen. Rah-men. A-men. The best thing since sliced bread, this stuff slays. I don’t often make the kind that you can buy at the store with the thin packaging for less than $1, but my significant other does. We buy it in alllll the flavors for him to take to lunch, have an afternoon or midnight snack and he lives for it. I mean, it’s comfort food and easy to make. But for me? I need the gourmet kind…you know, a hot broth filled with veggies and a protein(s) of my choosing? Enough to warm the heart and the body, rain or shine. Ramen is one of my favorite dishes and my favorite place is Two Ten Jack in Nashville, TN; but Ippudo in NY, is a close second. 

But, because I’ve had ramen at many places, I’ve never wanted to church it up at home…until Whitney showed us how on Tik Tok: royalandreese! She even has it saved under her own IG account: wstrong. Guys, we’ve had such amazing feedback on this recipe, you have to try this! Speaking from experience, this is amazing! It has so much flavor! The best part…it has the ‘at home’ price with the gourmet feel to it. My love and I get the best of both worlds! So try this out and let us, no… let Whitney know what you think of it! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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