Three Ways to Style Plaid

As you know, the first day of fall was yesterday: September 23, 2019. It’s that magical time when the leaves begin to turn those fiery autumn colors of yellow, red, and orange; then, take a leisurely fall in a swaying motion to the ground. It’s the time you opt for long sleeves in the morning before work, maybe some closed toe shoes, and perhaps a light jacket. But not this year. Nope, it’s still 90+ degrees here in Nashville, so my air conditioner still struggles to keep up and I’ve been willing the fall to happen for at least three weeks, if not longer.

This year is the first year where I’ve actually missed the colder weather (check back with me in December/January though). I remember so vividly, the beautiful fall memories of growing up in Northwest Indiana, so while it is blazing hot here… in my mind, it’s already fall! So with that, I’m going to give you my favorite PLAID looks for the fall season because plaid, flannel, buffalo check: it’s all my favorite! We’re going to style the: Anne Plaid Button Down,  three ways. This plaid top is amazing because it’s completely versatile and here are some of my favorite ‘lewks’.

Plaid top under a vest: 
Because it is so versatile, Anne looks amazing hanging out the bottom or within the opening of a vest. When you put two textures together: such a soft, swishy, and solid vest paired with a button down, cozy plaid or buffalo check, it really can’t get much better. Pairing textures and fabrics is super fun. AND, best part, if you like your tops a little more relaxed, this is perfect for you!

Plaid top under a poncho:
I’m OBSESSED with the Brooke Poncho Sweater DOD. The best part about it is that you can wear nearly any shirt underneath is for a little added flair, even the Anne Plaid Button down. For those colder days, (hopefully coming) this pairing is solid. I would suggest also wearing this with black or dark denim and some booties. Voila, best outfit ever and you’ll stay warm and cozy.

Plaid top tied around the waist:
Okay, so. My very favorite way to wear a plaid/flannel is to tie it around my waist. I love to wear a plain, long sleeved black top, in this case, the Joelle Mock Neck Top and tie either a red/white or black/white flannel around my waist, with black denim. I’m not sure if it’s the 90’s in me that loves this look, but for some reason, I do! It adds flair to my outfit andddd if I wanted to, I can pair a longer black tee, with the Anne Plaid Button Down, and some Aston Leather Leggings. To me, this is just a super chic look and it’s really effortless.

So, while we’re all hoping and praying that fall will be here soon, how else would YOU pair your plaids or flannel tops!?



Around the waist is my fav style for plaid!! 😍

Kristi Hall October 01, 2019

Love the plaid tied around the waist. Its comfy but stylish!!

Crystal McCarty October 01, 2019

Plaid top under poncho.

Ariel Taylor October 01, 2019

Around waist❤️🧡

Amy Newton October 01, 2019

My favorite is plaid top tied around the waist!🤩

Angie O’Marr October 01, 2019

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