Whitney Wednesday: Gift Wrapping Guide

Tis the season to be wrapping gifts like crazy!!  Here are a few tips and tricks I picked up over the years to wrap gifts like a pro and to impress your family and friends from the very first glance. 

  1. I start with three rolls of wrapping paper that are in the same color family or theme. This year I chose white, gold and blush. I always find myself buying the wrapping paper in the Sugar Paper section at Target. It's pricier than your average wrapping paper but it's become a Christmas tradition for me and it gets me so excited to wrap presents! And let's be real, some days I need that extra motivation to wrap all those gifts. 

2. I choose three types of ribbon in varying colors and textures. Typically I go for a large width ribbon, a medium width ribbon and a twine. And this is where I'll bring in an unexpected pop of color. Last year I did hot pink ribbon, but this year I went with navy. I love layering my ribbons to give more depth and appeal. With my twine, I'll usually wrap it around the present a few times just for added appeal. 

3. And lastly, I add either a fun piece of greenery, a little bell, a tiny ornament or a candy cane with the name tags. It takes it a step above, shows you put extra effort into each present and makes the person receiving the gift feel extra special. It makes it feel like more of an experience than just an action of opening a gift. 

Do you have any go-to gift wrapping practices? Let us know! We'd love to hear them! 

Happy gift wrapping everyone! And Merry Christmas! 


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I love it! I thought I was the only one who spent time thinking about this. You are slightly fancier than me. I tried to go with a rustic theme, but my brown paper wrapping never arrived from Amazon and so now I’m going with buffalo check and twine. I can’t wait to get everything wrapped and under the tree for photo opps. :)

Nola December 20, 2017

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