Four Steps to a Perfect Instagram Feed


Instagram is one of my favorite social media apps. I love looking at aesthetically pleasing pictures one after the other. A lot of people that have a large presence on social media like to have a theme to their Instagram page. A theme is when all the pictures on your profile have the same color scheme or some other trait that makes them cohesive. Having a consistent Instagram feed and good quality photos is a great way to attract more followers and likes.

  1. Mix it up

Don’t always post selfies or always post food pictures. Followers want to see some variety in posts. Even different angles can help mix it up a little.


  1. Have a color theme

Try to always use the same filter and editing for every photo you post. That way when someone goes to your profile all your pictures will look cohesive and pleasing to the viewer’s eye. My favorite editing app is VSCO. It’s a free app and they have so many different editing tools and filters for you to use. Having a picture them is good too. For example, if you like the minimalist look then having all your photos with that theme is another way to attract people to your account.


  1. Take your pictures in good lighting

This might seem like common sense but lighting can really make all the difference. If you’re taking a picture outside make sure the light isn’t too bright or too dark. You can always change the exposure of the photo when you edit it but that can only help so much.


  1. Have a good background

Having a good background can make or break a picture. Going for neutral backgrounds that aren’t distracting is 99.99% usually the way to go.



Not having the perfect Instagram feed obviously isn’t the end of the world, but I can’t deny that it gives me satisfaction when my feed looks good. Instagram is a great way to store all your pictures so that people can get a glimpse into your life. At the end of the day, what you post on Instagram is all about what makes you happy.

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