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I'm on this kick of sharing all my newly loved products. This one is the HAIR EDITION! If you're picky like me, you've been searching for the best hair products for a very long time. Nothing was cutting it (I even tried Monat- it wasn't for me).  So my cousin Brit, used to be a hair stylist, took me to Salon Centric and showed my all her favorites and why. UMMM They're AMAZING! OMG. 

1. AMIKA SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER First of all, this stuff smells SO GOOD!!!! I literally can't wait to wash my hair next. Also it makes my hair feel SO soft and my hair doesn't tangle up like it used to. They have a purple shampoo for people who want to keep their hair from getting brassy. I feel like it's turned my hair back to the silky, shiny, pre-baby hair that I used to have. Also, how cute is the packaging? It's not just a great shampoo and conditioner- it's the whole experience. I am SO into it.

2. AMIKA DRY CONDITIONER Who knew there was a dry conditioner??? You spray it from the middle of your hair to your ends and it makes it feel so soft and IT SMELLS AMAZZZINNNNGGG! It helps remove static from your hair and just helps lengthen the time between washes. Amika has my heart guys. 

3. IGK CHARCOAL DRY SHAMPOO You already know our love for the IGK Jet Lag invisible dry shampoo, but they now have a Charcoal invisible dry shampoo and it's just as good but also absorbs oil! It also smells SO good and does such a good job! Amika also has a great invisible dry shampoo if you were wondering :-)

4. HOT TOOLS 1 INCH CURLING IRON A lot of you have asked what curling iron I use, and this is it! I like this size or even the 1 1/4 inch and I like that you can go up to 450 degrees.


5. TEA TREE SHAPING CREAM I thought I'd add a few things in here that my husband also loves. He just got his hair cut and really loves this shaping cream to help hold his hair back without looking too greasy. It also smells really nice and fresh!

6. TEA TREE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER Isaac also loves this shampoo and conditioner! He loves the fresh smell and says his hair feels super clean.

I loveeeee finding new products that DO NOT disappoint! What are some of your ALL TIME favorites?? I'd love to hear them!


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Hi Whit! So I have naturally curly hair that gets frizzy, oily, dry, color treated, etc. I have been obsessed with Function of Beauty custom shampoo/conditioner. You literally create your own formula by choosing color, scent, and your top five hair issues. No parabens or sulfate or nasty stuff. I change up my formula a bit each time, and it has been a game changer!

Farrah Chinderle March 14, 2018

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