Words Over Resolutions

Google defines “resolution” as: a firm decision to do or not to do something.

I can’t believe that we are seven full days into the year 2020, let alone that the holidays were just in the last two weeks. The second half of 2019 went by so incredibly fast, then December hit, which felt forever long because it was a month full of plans, holidays, family, friends and lest we not forget, food.

So, I’m seven days in and what is my New Years resolution? Simple. I have none. Google may define it as a firm decision to do or not to do something, but to me, it’s defined as an unattainable goal. A resolution is something that will loom over my head for the next year, causing anxiety and self loathing, if I fall short or don’t meet it.

For some people, resolutions work and I think they’re great—given that those can set a realistic goal and meet it. But for me, I’ve always found it difficult. So, when I was reflecting on the past year, thinking about how I’d like to create a more positive outlook, I had read about someone choosing a word to focus on and I loved that idea. After giving it some thought, for 2020, my word is: intentional.

In church this past Sunday, my pastor told us that there was a study done and that the average person is distracted every three minutes. Every.three.minutes. With our phones being attached to our hands and social media having such a huge affect on our lives, I felt like I wanted to take a step back and get back to more meaningful relationships. I want to put my phone away during time with friends. I want to go to dinner and leave my phone in my purse. I want to have eye contact, understanding, and a deeper level of communication and intimacy with the people I love. Isn’t that what friendship and connection is all about?! 

Truthfully, I’m excited to set out on this journey and link up with others on a deeper level. So, as you’re setting your goals or resolutions this year and you’re already feeling like you’re going to come up short—maybe come up with a word you’d like to focus on, I know it’s going to help me. 


I love this! 100% agree on needing to make sure we are present and connected to those we’re spending our time with. It’s so easy to become distracted, or look at your phone WAY too much. I love this genuine wholehearted idea of being intentional. ❤️

Jackie P January 13, 2020

This is such a good idea! I moved to a rural farm a couple of weeks ago, and internet isn’t available (I know I know). While it rocked my world at first, I’ve found myself losing my phone, forgetting my phone at home, and being more INTENTIONAL with my time. Whether it’s cleaning, doing a puzzle, spending more time outside, or spending more time with my boyfriend.

Because I was already intentional part of 2019, I’ll go with the word “patience.”
I need to have more patience at work and in my personal life. Here’s to 2020!

Kayla Wildman January 23, 2020

My word is voice…to use mine,to quiet mine, to listen to mine,to listen to others,to find mine,to help others find theirs,to respect mine,to respect others,to ask questions,to give answers,to raise mine for good&encourage others to,to communicate,to comfort,to encourage myself & others,to sing,to laugh& so much more. Just to always remember that I have a strong powerful one❤️

Any Marshall January 23, 2020

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