Royal + Reese Black Friday

You know that feeling you get when you have to wake up early to go to the airport? It’s that, super-excited-but-didn’t-sleep-well-need-a-lot-of-coffee-sick-to-your-stomach-feeling that won’t go away until you get a good night’s rest? Well, that’s how I feel about Black Friday shopping. Full disclaimer, I’ve gone Black Friday shopping one time in my life and I was so miserable, I vowed to never do it again. It’s just not my jam. Until…

Royal + Reese was open on Black Friday!

Tara, Whitney, and Kait pulled out all the stops for this big local event. These sweet sisters wanted to create a Christmas atmosphere set apart from everything else. Not only did they prep Black Friday months in advance, they made sure that there were prizes and discounts for anyone willing to devote their time to coming in and seeing us. While women lined up outside the doors, we were inside thanking the Lord and praying that He would oversee a smooth day, as well as, give us the ability to connect with our customers on a higher level. Then, we did an all hands in huddle. 

From the moment customers stepped inside, they could see the Christmas decor, hear LIVE Christmas music put on by Kait’s talented husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law who were willing to sing, play keys, and drums.
Some lucky winners even had a VIP Experience which meant breakfast and extra goodies, as well as getting in the doors before everyone else.

In the living room, a couch was set up with Christmas movies for children to watch. There were coloring stations for kid’s to color at, 16 dressing rooms to try on, and endless homemade goodies made by the sisters or their family. If you wanted to get your photo taken with Santa, we arranged for that with our photographer or even had a small Polaroid Camera to take a picture in front of the Christmas tree. If you were hungry or thirsty, we brought in local vendors: Blooms Coffee, Donny B’s Gourmet Popcorn, Curbside Grillin' Food truck, and our very own Lori, with her Lori Dunlap's Pie Company.

Needless to say, the day was magical! I looked around more times that day, thinking about how blessed we are with such amazing bosses and customers! So, if you didn’t have time to make it to our Black Friday event, make sure you hit up the next one we put on. Not every event will be as lavish as this one, but you won’t want to miss them!

If you’d like to see some of our footage, check out the video below!




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