5 Reasons My Child’s Hair Always Has A Bow


I first discovered Instagram shops about a year ago. I had no clue that you could buy straight from Instagram. It suddenly opened up a whole new world of online shopping opportunities and within weeks piles of packages started arriving at my doorstep! After more than twenty purchases, I was able to distinguish some of my favorite shops, like Lilly Belle Market.

Here are 5 reasons why I fell in love with Lilly Belle Market:

  1. Price – No one wants to spend an arm and a leg on bows. You want it to be an added accessory to the cute outfit you just purchased, not to cost as much as the shirt. Lilly Belle has great prices. They range anywhere from $4-8 and they have amazing promos that they run regularly. You can easily buy a wide selection of bows without breaking your piggy bank.
  1. Quick Turnaround time – One downfall of Instagram shops and handmade products is the slow turnaround time. When you buy, you’re excited about your purchase and you want it immediately. If you have to wait 4-6 weeks for your purchase, excitement wanes and you forget what you bought by the time it arrives. Lilly Belle always turns around an order in two weeks or less!
  1. Great Selection – I love being able to mix and match bows with my daughter’s outfits and not always have something matchy-matchy. When you buy from big box stores, your options are limited to plain colored bows and headbands. Lilly Belle offers a wide selection of bows in so many different patterns and designs. From felt and sparkle bows to cotton bows and headbands, the options are endless. The selection is always changing as well. They have new designs and colors coming out all the time.
  1. Fully Stocked – Another downfall of Instagram shops is that items sell out quickly and you can wait for restocks to be able to buy again. With a busy schedule, I don’t have time to set an alarm to watch for a restock on a bow I want. If I want a bow, I’m going to buy it now and not wait three weeks and buy in panic mode like some Black Friday shopper. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Lilly Belle always has their bows in stock and you never have to have a frantic finger on the purchase button in hopes that you get one.
  1. Quality – I have purchased more than75 bows from Lilly Belle and time and time again the quality holds up. My daughter likes to yank out her bows and they end up all over the house. It’s like an Easter egg hunt to track them down, but the bows always hold their shape and I’ve never had any trouble with them falling apart.

So if you are in search of the perfect bow, we recommend Lilly Belle Market. We promise you want be disappointed!

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