Erica's Hair Tutorial

We love connecting our channels at Royal and Reese and this is one I’ve wanted to tackle, for awhile. But I needed some help. I enlisted in Amanda—our extremely talented Marketing Photographer and her equally talented sister, Erica—one of the beautiful faces of our brand to help me put together one of our most requested videos of all time, a hair tutorial! As a former hairdresser of ten plus years, I wanted to give you all the tips and tricks here, that you can use to prep your hair before, during and after styling as Erica has. So first things first:

1) Clean hair- I think I speak for majority of women, when I say that no one really likes the way that fresh hair feels. I mean, don’t get me wrong; we like clean hair, but what we love is when our hair does exactly what it needs to. I shampoo and condition my hair every three to four days. I use dry shampoo in between washings.

2). Product, product, product- This is imperative to get the desired look you want. If you shampoo and condition and skip right to blowdrying and styling, you’ll misstep and won’t get as many days out of your hair.

  •  Begin with damp hair and use a root lifter at the crown (trust me). This will help your hair not stick to your head on days two, three, and four. I use Amika Brooklyn Bombshell. Apply to roots all over scalp lifting up hair.

  • Next, find something a little on the sticky side or something with hold, particularly a smoother. I use: Redken Align. Apply a nickel to quarter size in your hand, emulsify and apply from mid-shaft to ends and work through with your fingers.

  • Lastly, dry half way through, upside down for maximum volume. Then, use a paddle brush or round brush to give your hair a finished, smoother look. 

3) Styling with a flat iron/curling iron- Begin at the bottom of your hair, section by section, spraying heat protectant prior to heat use. This will help with damage and also add a bit more hold.
4) Dry Shampoo- Spray dry shampoo at part and throughout hair for an added hold. This will also help ensure your hair won’t be too soft. My favorite is IGK First Class Charcoal Detox. Work throughout using fingers to separate hair.

Voila! The work here is done! Now you have a great hairstyle that will last for several days until you’re ready to tackle it again!



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I love living proof dry shampoo! And tarte!

Alison February 28, 2020

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