Setting Goals

It’s February 18th and we’re more than halfway through the first quarter of 2020. How’s it going!? Did you set goals on New Years? Are you crushing them, meeting them, or falling short? Let’s take your temperature.

Goal setting can be difficult, but extremely beneficial to get you where you’d like to be. Truthfully, I’ve never been much of a goal setter, only because I’d always set outrageous expectations of myself and fall short—which was completely disappointing. Last year, I finally decided to set a goal in April of eating better and working out regularly. My target was from April to September, but it carried to the end of the year. With intentional focus and a gradual progression, I reached my goal and was happier and in better shape than I have ever been in before.

When this New Years came, I set a goal of moving out of state, by April 1st and if I can say so myself, I’m crushing it. Two weeks into January 2020 and I sat down to speak with my realtor, get my house in tip top shape, and get it listed. Today, I’m under contract, sitting a month out from my closing date, a Uhaul rented, plane tickets purchased for those coming to help me get moved, and a storage facility prepared for my belongings at my final destination…until I can find a home to settle into.

With setting goals, I’ve learned that I work best with setting monthly expectations and nothing super long term. It helps me keep more focused on time. It helps me be more conscious about where I’ll be. It also helps me reassess and revaluate if my needs change. So, more than halfway through February and I feel pretty confident about the first quarter of 2020.

If setting goals isn’t your forte or you feel like nothing ever works, I encourage you to try and set small goals that you can practice with, until you get the hang of being more focused and can be more deliberate about your path. Trust me, the payoff at the end of each goal is incredibly worth it! What are your goals for the first quarter of 2020?

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