Galentine's Day

Where are all my single ladies at!? If you’re anything like me, the worst ‘holiday’ is about here. You know the one…All you have to do is walk into any store and it’ll look like the little cherub carrying a bow and arrow has smeared his mark within the sale rack, card aisle, his OWN grocery aisle, and checkout line. Everywhere the eye can see is: red, pink, and hearts; hearts everywhere. Valentine’s Day season is here.

Call me a cynic, but this day is really tough for us single folk. I can honestly say, that being single doesn’t bother me that much during the year. Yes, there are times where I wish I had a significant other, but then I just remember that there’s a bigger plan in store for me. But, on Valentine’s Day? Barf. Yack. Haha, it’s just tough! I know that not everyone will share my sentiments, but for those that do, read on, so you can see how I busy up my mind to remember that it’s OKAY to be single, and that this day doesn’t define me. 

It’s called, GALENTINE’S DAY! I think that this started back around the time that Parks & Rec., the popular television show with character, Leslie Knope, aired. Or, maybe it came out prior to that, I’m not certain. Nonetheless, what a spectacular day! While it usually falls on February 13 and is typically in the form of a dinner or outing together with your favorite gal pals, Galentine’s Day was created as a fun time to celebrate your ladies. A way to shower each other with love, chocolates, or the gift of time and friendship together. Or, you can come up with your own meaning to what Galentine’s Day is and even celebrate on the evening of Valentine's Day.

Last year, I headed to a Kelsea Ballerini concert with some of my bests. We laughed, drank a couple adult beverages, and sang our hearts out all night long. What a great way to combat loneliness on such a pointed holiday. It was so fun! We were able to watch Phil, Kait (R+R CEO), husband, out there doing his thing, as Kelsea’s drummer. But most of all, we were together and celebrated the evening in style. We didn’t sit at home alone and feel dumpy.

This year, I think my friends and I are going to do something more low key like dinner out, or pizza night in, with a huge fattening dessert afterward. We we will surely regret it the next morning, but either way, it’ll be a time to celebrate our friendship and gab about the gents who could-have-been. To conclude, if you’re like me and don’t want to feel really, really single this Valentine’s Day, don’t; grab your favorite ladies to celebrate Galentine’s Day with a concert, a dinner out, maybe a cooking class, a Target date!? The possibilities are endless and I assure you that you won’t regret it because it’ll be time well spent.


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