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With tears streaming down my face, I continued to drive to Brentwood, Tennessee, to start a new account management position when my phone rang. It was one of my best friends—who could sense via text that I was not okay, so she called me. I will never forget what I told her that morning, “I just don’t feel like I’m supposed to be here…I feel like I have a greater purpose.” She listened, consoled me and I cleaned up my face, and headed into my new office building, like an adult, like nothing had happened. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for my job, there was no denying, but my heart felt heavy because it didn’t feel like the right fit.

Nearly a month later, when I felt as if I was finally settling into my new position and rolling with the curveballs of everyday life, I got a call from Kait and Tara, offering me a position as
Web Manager for Royal + Reese. Right now, much like that moment, tears again stream down my face because I cannot believe that they chose me, to be a part of their team. Better yet, that the Lord gave Tara, Whit, and Kait to me as my family, and then planted such a beautiful seed into their hearts to grow such an amazing, awe-inspiring business.

I’ve been with Royal and Reese now for over a year and a half and honestly, each day, my heart is full of gratitude. I watch these three ladies steward this business, and work their butts off. I have cried with them during the darkest of times. I have partnered in prayer with them. I have celebrated with them and thanked God for every single blip, every praise, every stretch—even when it feels like the hits can just keep coming, I thank the Lord everyday for this amazing R+R Family and that family contains all of YOU. You guys, the stories and miracles I’ve heard that come out of R+R are worth all the spiritual warfare we get from the enemy—if we get to pray and champion with each one of you!

So, when asked what I’m most thankful for during this holiday season, it’s this…from the bottom of this Web Managers’ heart, I’m thankful for Royal and Reese. I’m thankful for Tara, Whit, and Kait, for my co-workers, for Brand Enthusiasts, Social Reps, for VIP. THANK YOU for supporting Royal and Reese. Thank you for loving us, praying for us, reaching out to us and just thank you for letting us reach YOU!

Before I close out, here are what some of my coworkers had to say, when I asked what they were thankful for:


-“I am thankful for all of the people in my life. From my family, friends, to co-workers. I couldn't be more blessed with all of the love & support I'm surrounded by!”

-“I am so thankful for my family. As cliche as that sounds, they have been my rock through everything. Through the good times and the bad, we have stood together and became closer over the years. I look forward to our family time on Wednesday nights eating dinner out and Sundays when we have family game night 💕

-“I'm thankful forrrr my family, mis amigos, my job (and the people that I'm surrounded by everyday), and also Marie!”

-“Oh man, I'm so grateful for the life that I've been blessed with, but most importantly I'm thankful for my health and my family's health.”

“I'm most thankful for my husband! He's absolutely been such a blessing and will go out of the way for me without hesitation! Our first year of marriage was filled with a lot of loss and he's been there every step of the way and has been such a Godly man and role model!”

-“I’m most thankful for my family, most specifically my little sister. Without her I wouldn’t have my best friend and biggest support system!”


-“I’m most thankful for my family! My awesome hubby, crazy little kids, parents, and my siblings and their families!”


-“(cliche but- ) A supportive and healthy family!”

-“I'm most thankful for family. This sounds cliche haha but I'm super thankful for in laws who I get along with and enjoy being around and who love me as their own! And I'm thankful for family that has stayed together and isn't divided and has stayed together for a couple generations. I feel like that's unheard of these days. I don't take it for granted!”


-“I am thankful for the holidays coming up and getting to spend more time with my family! My favorite thing about the holiday season is getting to see family and friends!'

-“I'm thankful for all of the little things i normally take for granted. Sunny days, phone calls with my grandma, new movies, hitting all the green lights on a busy road, pretty sunsets, when your favorite artist comes out with a new song (and its so good), good hair days, things like that. keeps me going.”


Wow, just reading through those makes me so proud to be such a part of this beautiful team. To all of you, Happy Thanksgiving from Royal and Reese!

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First& foremost I’m thankful for the Lord for without him I am nothing, I’m thankful for the amazing loving supportive husband& beautiful healthy kids he has blessed me with! I have been chronically ill my whole adult life with lupus& this year was especially tough when cancer joined my medical resume…I’m grateful for everyday no matter how tough because I’m here,period& I’m so blessed with the best doctor ever! Now as the tears fall down my face I’m so grateful for all of you ladies at R&R,it’s really tough to lose your hair as a woman& even harder to know that after surgery it’s impossible for a lot of it to ever come back,I was in a pretty low place when I was invited to join the group because I instantly felt welcomed& interacting with you all,the lives,the games,ect…always lift my spirits& make me feel like I’m not so alone…so thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for your kindness & confidence boost,I’m forever grateful😘

Amy Marshall December 17, 2019

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