Making Memories

I remember watching my mom make a dessert or some type of cold salad in the kitchen the night before. I’d go to bed and barely be able to contain my excitement. The next morning, I’d wake up feeling a sweet, excited energy as I put on my sunflower swimsuit with side cutouts and waited for my dad to finish his outside chores. It felt so long. Finally, when he was done, he, my mom, older brother, and I would load up in our baby blue Lincoln Towncar and make our way to Cedar Lake.

The anticipation was so great, it felt as though we were headed on a great expedition, when in all actuality, it only took us about an hour to get there. We sat in the car while the radio softly played 93.9 The Lite, out of Chicago, no one saying a word. Then, we’d pull up to the little cottage where we scampered out, greeted by Vic, Sheryl, and Adrianne. I ran to the back to look at the lake, sparkling in all its glory, because the sun was bouncing off of it.

The ladies headed inside while Adrianne, my brother and I looked for tadpoles near the dock. My dad and Vic grabbed a beer and sat down in the flimsy old lawn chairs before ultimately deciding it was time to take the boat out for a spin. I remember putting on a damp, cold, stinky life jacket before loading up on the boat. We tooled around the lake for a couple of hours, tubing and looking at ginormous houses. I loved the feeling of cold splashes of water on my face and the wind in my almost white blonde hair. When the engine shut off, I felt the warm sun on my red shoulders, acknowledging the fact that I was probably a little burnt by now. Getting a little hungry, we decided to head back up to the cottage and spend time with the ladies, who were no doubt, already preparing the afternoon fest we were about to eat.

With full bellies, we’d sit around a small campfire until dusk, laughing and making s'mores while listening to music and telling stories. Then, we’d grab blankets and all load up on the boat again to watch the fireworks from the middle of the lake. It was magical day, a magical moment to be with family and friends and feel so safe.

I remember very little conversation from any of our lake house hangs, but the feelings, the emotions I had surrounding those events, I will remember until the day I leave this earth. So, whether or not you have big plans for your children or family on this Fourth of July holiday, remember that they’re going to remember it in such a big way, probably for years to come….just as I have. From all of us at Royal + Reese, have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

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