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I may be completely biased here…but did you know that on , underneath Services, there is an option to enlist Tara on her ‘Party Styling Services’!? Guys, I’m telling you, she thinks of EVERYTHING. Meticulous in every detail, Tara will get to know you, your needs and wants and make your party an absolute dream. Still not convinced? Let me give you a big example on why she is one of the best, most genuine and selfless persons I’ve ever known and why she should plan your next bash.

Kait turned 30 last week and to ensure that she had the best birthday to date, Tara began planning months in advance. She sent out a tentative invite to family and friends. She gave everyone ample time to get the date on their calendar. She even reached out to two of Kait’s out-of-state friends to see if they’d be willing to fly in and surprise her. When the week arrived, Tara had truly thought of everything. She had three full days of surprises for Kait and they all began with a little white gift bag that had a small gift and a clue inside. Each clue telling Kait where to go next and what time. On the back of the clue card, there were words of affirmation: Kait’s biggest love language. While Kait loved the clues and small gifts, she never knew who exactly she was supposed to meet at the next stop—which was a lot of fun for her.

Tara planned all Kait’s favorite things: Top 8 (Kait’s closest friends) Hangs for drinks, coffee date with Jaiden, Sara, and Taylor, brunch date with Sam and Brit, nail date with Natalie and Gracie, dinner with Huber family date, after dinner date hangs with cousin Tami, Andrew Jackson historical house date with Rachel and Tami, shopping date with the Social Team, and lastly, a final date at Kait’s parents house where the only thing Kait knew was that she needed to wear white.

When Phil (Kait's hubby) pulled up to Kait's parents house, all of her closest friends and family lined a red carpeted sidewalk that Kait would walk down. Nearby stood three foot tall letters in the yard that said: KAIT. Inside the house, every guest was asked to fill out a memory or word that reminded them of Kait. These would be given to her at the end of the party. Each guest wrote down a multitude of things on these cards for Kait to read later on. (which she did and cried and laughed)

In the kitchen, a Chipotle buffet was set up along with adorable themed sugar cookies, Kait’s favorite kind of cheesecakes: plain with strawberry and lemon raspberry, and lastly, her favorite drinks: Arnold Palmers, margaritas, and Bloody Mary’s. We all had so much fun and before leaving, we each had a gift bag with our name in it. Inside was a little s'mores mix that Tara had made along with a t-shirt that Whitney created that had Kait's face on it, and Versace logo underneath. The next morning, 21 of us when to brunch and all sported our matching Kait shirts. 

All of the love and energy that Tara put into making Kait’s day so special still continues to amaze me. She is one of the best people in the world…so why wouldn’t you want her to design YOUR party!? Tara puts her whole heart and soul into making sure that the party is best it cane be, down to the intimate details. Set up a time to talk to her today, or just talk to Kait and find out just how full her cup is after her birthday party.



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