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  • Trader Joe's Haul

    Sat, Feb 23, 19

    Okay, so I know that there will be a lot of you that disagree with me on this subject, but can I just say how much I love to grocery...

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  • Kait + Phil Valentine's Day

    Sat, Feb 23, 19

    I wasn’t sure I could fully speak to Valentine’s Day…mainly because I don’t have a significant other. So, I asked my CEO and cousin, Kait, if I could interview her...

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  • Galentine's Day

    Sat, Feb 23, 19

    Where are all my single ladies at!? If you’re anything like me, the worst ‘holiday’ is about here. You know the one…All you have to do is walk into any...

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  • If No One Has Told You...

    Sat, Feb 23, 19

    I woke up in the middle of the night, ugh I feel sick…,I thought as I reached for the water on my nightstand. I noted the early morning hour while...

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  • Favorite New Podcasts

    Sat, Feb 23, 19

    There are three really spectacular things about today: 1.) It’s Friday,  2.) January is finally over and February is here, 3.) it’s time for another blog post about favorite podcasts...

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  • A Day in the Life at Royal + Reese

    Sat, Feb 23, 19

    Have you ever wondered what a day at Royal + Reese looks like? Have you wondered what we do when we aren’t on videos or working throughout Facebook or Instagram?...

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